Remembering The Paunch Burger Commercial From Parks and Recreation

The show Parks and Recreation was not particularly known for doing many parody ads or commercials for that matter.   That’s simply not the kind of show it was.  However, the Paunch burger commercial was one for the ages.  This is something that’s straight out of SNL and while I couldn’t even tell you the episode this was from you can bet the show got calls the very next day from health groups all over the country.

As the show states:  “Fans of the Johnny Karate show know: there’s nothing more mouthwatering than Paunch Burger’s new Dinner for Breakfast special.”  Honestly if you saw an actual commercial like this would you even resist?  I know for a fact I would not.  I mean look at this thing!  It’s gotta be at least 2,000 calories, would make you stop in your tracks if you tried to walk it off and you’d be in serious pain for a while.  But wouldn’t it be so worth it?

Check out the commercial below:

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