Remembering Dusty Hill: ZZ Top Bassist Dies at 72

Remembering Dusty Hill: ZZ Top Bassist Dies at 72

The music industry and the world at large lost a big name just recently as Dusty Hill of ZZ Top passed away in his sleep. The 72-year-old bassist for the band led what many would call an extraordinary life and along with the band had legions of fans that upon hearing his death took to the internet to share memories and condolences with anyone who would listen. It’s not as easy for many to accept his passing, but being in his 70s it can be said that he had a long, full life. ZZ Top has been a mainstay of the music industry for so long that some folks have simply assumed they would be there for the foreseeable future, but as the band members have been getting older it’s been easier and easier to see that that they’re not going to be around forever, and sadly this proves it. That might sound a bit crude or crass, but the fact is that none of us get to stick around forever, and while Dusty Hill and the rest of the band have been rocking for a long time, the passage of years hasn’t always been as kind to them as one might think.

Just writing this the sound of ZZ Top is still running through my head, one tune in particular from Back to the Future Part Three when the band showed up to provide the music for the festival at which Marty, aka Clint Eastwood, challenged Mad Dog Tannen to a duel. The band managed to show up in quite a few cameos over the years, but this is one that comes to mind pretty easily since the tune was catchy and easy to follow. It’s been fun to see them show up every now and then in ways that aren’t expected since it came as a surprise most times and was something that fans could really get into.

The band even showed up for the WWE in the past which was pretty cool since a lot of the wrestlers paid their respects and were more than happy to have the band on the show. From one special appearance to another the guys were welcomed pretty much anywhere they went. After injuring his hip at one point though Dusty did have to call off a big portion of a tour so that he could recuperate. Dusty even shot himself in the stomach, accidentally, with his own derringer when it fell out of his boot. Somehow he managed to drive himself to the hospital, but it was said that he went into shock not long after he arrived. In short, Dusty lived a pretty amazing life, but it’s also easy to say that the damage done to his body might have taken a slight toll on his health, though the cause of death is at this time listed as unknown. All that anyone does know is that he passed in his sleep, which is a hopeful way of saying that it was natural causes. The talk of death and dying is often a hard subject for anyone to cover, but it’s still one that people need to buck up about at times.

Looking back on Dusty’s life and recognizing that he managed to put in the work for a career that was among one of the most successful in the business is something that people can hold onto at this time. The man did more in his life than many others, and while his life wasn’t perfect likely, it was still one that was impressive and definitely noticed by millions upon millions of people. Talking about his exploits and his accomplishments is a great way for fans to come together and recognize that Dusty was someone that did value his fans and was also a person that knew the value of the music that he played so often. The fact that he started out so young is possibly why this is the case since he was just a kid when he became interested in music, and while he was still in school he was playing in bars and actually resenting that school took up so much time. One could say that Dusty was another individual for whom school didn’t hold much of an appeal, as the music was what really drew his attention.

Dusty is leaving behind a legacy that a lot of people will likely be citing in the days to come, and rightfully so. ZZ Top has been a legendary band for a while now and a lot of people likely knew that the end was going to come one day. But as it is with everyone, it still feels abrupt and not at all welcome. Unfortunately, this is a part of being human. Rest in peace sir, you’ll be missed.

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