Remembering Craig MuMs Grant: Actor Died at 52

2021 isn’t being any kinder to celebrities than any other year has since Craig muMs Grant, a noted poet and actor, passed away recently. It’s fair to say that people that are big poetry buffs might feel this loss a little more acutely since Grant’s career was dedicated largely to his poetry, but he was also a prominent actor that managed to appear in several noted shows and movies throughout the length of his career. Poetry is definitely something that a person needs to be into in order to really appreciate and sometimes comprehend since as it is with many forms of expression, poetry can be a little confusing. Grant was well-respected in his field though and was one of those that a lot of people enjoyed thoroughly as he’d made his way up through the ranks on his own merit as he’d continued to do what he loved. His unfortunate end came about after complications with diabetes as it’s been reported, which is one of many ailments that has a complicated history with many people since it’s been a widespread problem for quite some time now. But at the very least, Grant did manage to create a career and touched a lot of people with his work over the years, building a name for himself and a reputation that many people will likely remember.

Poetry is something that’s every bit as complicated as any other work that a person might decide to create, and sometimes it’s even more so considering that there are so many different ways to convey meaning within a poem, from the most obvious to the most convoluted and hidden methods that a person can learn. Many find poetry to be something that’s both versatile and useful while others might find it too wordy and far too uncertain as it pulls from the psyche of the writer and could be subject to multiple interpretations that might be spot-on or might be completely off the mark. There’s a reason why some folks stay away from poetry and there are reasons why some dive into it since it is a form of self-expression that allows for the release of certain feelings in a way that’s not destructive but is still forceful in its own way. Grant was known for his poetry throughout the years, but he also made a successful living as an actor and heightened his reputation with several notable roles that saw him rub elbows with several famous individuals in show business.

It’s difficult when many people start to pass on, but the realization of why this is is even harder to accept since no one is immune to what is quite simply the human condition. We’re born, we grow, we grow old, and one day we’re no longer able to sustain the life we were given, and we pass on. Sadly, some of us will pass sooner due to one or more complications in this life, and there will likely be many explanations as to why. In fact, it’s the type of subject that many upon many poets have pondered over the years, and while death from natural causes, no matter how they’re viewed, is preferred by many, there are others who will perish from the workings of other humans, which is a more profound and saddening way to go, but while being thankful for an end is almost never something that people are willing to admit, Grant was not a victim of the violence of other individuals, as his body simply could not go any further. It’s hard to admit and harder to think that it’s natural in any way, especially since diabetes is a rather painful condition to have in some instances. But it’s likely that he will be remembered since he was a part of pop culture for a while and, as a result, he’s on the books and firmly embedded in memory, meaning that he’ll be a memory to many people for a while to come. Sometimes that’s about all that anyone can ask when they pass on, that they be remembered and that the work they did when they were here is carried forward and allowed to inspire others as they continue to build on it and do something with what they’ve watched, listened to, or read.

That’s how a person manages to stick in the memory, by creating something that will endure long after they’re gone, and it’s something that Grant has done since he’s been around and he managed to find his way into one project after the next that will continue to show up from time to time. That type of presence is hard to argue with since it endures in a way that’s hard to argue with, and is best described as the only real way to immortality of any type. Rest in peace sir, you’ll be missed.

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