Reba McEntire Speaks Out About Stepson’s Divorce from Kelly Clarkson

Reba McEntire Speaks Out About Stepson’s Divorce from Kelly Clarkson
Reba McEntire Speaks Out About Stepson’s Divorce from Kelly Clarkson

Credit: @kellyclarkson

In other Kelly Clarkson news, it seems that her divorce drama only becomes more dramatic by the day. The original American Idol thought she found her forever love with Brandon Blackstock, but it turns out she only found a little love. Despite welcoming two beautiful children together, their marriage could not withstand its issues. Clarkson began dating Brandon Blackstock in 2012. His father is Narvel Blackstock. The elder Blackstock was once married to country music legend Reba McEntire. He was also Clarkson’s manager when she began dating his son. When they married in 2013, Brandon Blackstock became Clarkson’s husband and manager. Reba McEntire became her mother-in-law (McEntire and Blackstock were married from 1989 until their divorce in 2015). What’s the Kelly Clarkson news regarding her divorce now?

It’s a Finalized Divorce

Despite filing for divorce in 2020, the process took some time. It was August 2021 before it was finalized, and it was only finalized because Kelly Clarkson asked the court to give both she and her husband a chance to move on with their lives and have a fresh start. No one knows what went wrong, but we do know she is the one who filed, and she is the one who said irreconcilable differences. The superstar has not discussed her reasons, but someone allegedly close to her did. “They clashed on so many levels and being in quarantine together heightened their problems to the point of no return. So she filed for divorce. Everyone thought Kelly and Brandon had the perfect marriage, but they definitely didn’t. Brandon’s very laid-back, whereas Kelly’s pretty high-strung,” the anonymous source told Us Magazine. Clarkson did not address this rumor.

Reba McEntire Speaks Out About Stepson’s Divorce from Kelly Clarkson

Credit: @kellyclarkson

What About Reba McEntire?

Kelly Clarkson and Rebe McEntire were friends long before Clarkson married Reba’s stepson and well before McEntire divorced Clarkson’s father-in-law. McEntire is someone very important to Clarkson, and people want the Reba McEntire/Kelly Clarkson news. Are they still friends? Did this ruin their relationship, too, or are they on good terms? Technically, McEntire divorced the Blackstock family, too, and Brandon is not her own son. For a long time, McEntire didn’t say a word about it. She is a woman who knows how to mind her business, and she does not want to get into the middle of things. However, she was asked relentlessly, especially when Blackstock kept fighting over things that were already decided in court – such as custody and ownership of a Montana home the couple shared.

“You know, I love them both. Brandon’s my stepson; Kelly’s my good friend…I am pulling for both of them. I hope they’re happy and healthy and pull through this. I pray everyone gives them the encouragement they can because they need it right now, both of them do. I love both of them with all my heart,” said the country music singer. She’s concise, she’s honest, and made her point. Essentially, she’s not getting involved in their personal lives, and the world should stop asking.

Blackstock Cannot Let it Go

Unfortunately, it seems that Brandon Blackstock is making things difficult and dragging it all out for Clarkson. The divorce is finalized. The custody was issued to Clarkson, and a prenup the couple signed before their 2013 wedding stated all that needed to be stated. This means that the house Blackstock wants to keep living in (in Montana) belongs to Clarkson, and he has to go. A judge gave him ample time to move out, but Blackstock is making things difficult. He wants the house. Clarkson owns the house. She wants to sell the house. He is unhappy with her choices. He’s already getting a lot from his ex-wife, but he wants more. According to various sources, he’s getting a handsome sum of money from his ex-wife.

Reba McEntire Speaks Out About Stepson’s Divorce from Kelly Clarkson

Credit: @kellyclarkson

– He was given until June 1, 2022, to find a new home, and he’s only been required to pay $12,000 per month to cover utilities on the Montana ranch.
– He gets 5.12% of the sales price of the home (which is allegedly $908k)
– He gets a lump sum payment of $1.3 million
– He gets $115,000 per month in spousal support from his ex-wife

It seems Brandon Blackstock is getting more than his fair share in the divorce, yet he still wants to keep the Montana home. It’s a nasty divorce, one that’s finalized, but it seems Kelly Clarkson news won’t stop until he gets what he wants or until a judge tells him it’s time to stop, move on, and live his own life.

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