Real Life Batman and Joker Show up at National Protests

It doesn’t exactly feel like the best time to be playing games, does it? Amazingly enough, seeing someone dressed as Batman at one protest and another person dressed as the Joker at another didn’t further the situation in any negative way, but it doesn’t feel as though it was fully appreciated by several people that felt the opposite way of either individual. As Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb states, the individual dressed up as Batman didn’t agree with the protesters, while the person dressed up as the Joker happens to see the character as a means of supporting a shift in society. In a way, both are lucky that the opposing sides didn’t see them as a threat and decide to take matters into their own hands. Thankfully the point of the protests isn’t to do as much harm as possible, unless one is a rioter or looter that feels the need to simply destroy. But as of right now the country is in turmoil over the idea that police officers have been targeting black men, and a push in the wrong direction could be disastrous. On top of that, attention-hungry individuals such as this aren’t helping the situation even if they’re seeking to help push an agenda that might coincide with a larger group.

Given that the  character dressed up as Batman comes straight out of Christopher Nolan’s version, people should stop and think that when Batman did show up in the third movie he was firmly against those that were aligned against the police, meaning that he wasn’t there to support any protests. On the flip side the Joker character is all about civil unrest, no matter that neither of these individuals were about to do anything violent, if they were wise, since it would end very badly for both of them. In a free country this is allowed obviously, and it’s typically meant to be a positive and uplifting sight since quite often pop culture and its many references is meant to lift the spirits and remind people to find time to enjoy life and all it has to offer. In this manner however pop culture is being utilized in a way that might be taken as threatening or even just problematic since the symbols being used are quite meaningful to many people since what each character stands for in their respective story is bound to be noted and even reacted to by those who believe that these individuals might take the act a little too far. Many people want to talk about human nature these days, and it might be wise to remember that human nature is to respond to anything that’s considered a threat.

The Joker and Batman belong on the big screen or on TV, and while there’s nothing to say that a person can’t dress up as either character, it doesn’t feel like a great idea at the time, as people have been riled enough at this point with the current issues. There’s not much that can be done in this instance without taking a person’s right to protest in their own manner away, but striking a match within spitting distance of a powder keg is never a wise move either. These men might not think they’re doing anything other than to support the cause they stand for, but it only takes one or two people to decide that they’re a threat to bring an entire mob crashing down around, or on, their heads, and in that instance we’ll find out just how smart of a decision this wasn’t. Until that happens however, if it does, they’re afforded the right to do as they please, no matter that it might feel unwise to many individuals simply because it’s a another way to continue to put people on edge. What’s really saddening is that for the character of the Joker this is pretty normal, meaning that it’s easy to see the Joker wanting to worsen things between people. Of course his motive would be to draw out the Batman for yet another confrontation, so perhaps there is some cause and effect in this, as it’s been known to happen that the Joker will do something just to get the attention of his enemy. Staging such a confrontation would be a bit ridiculous on the part of anyone at this point, and still a little dangerous since the fact that the two characters stand as symbols heightens the intensity that they bring just a little more.

The hope of course is that nothing happens other than the fact that people will notice this spectacle and the individuals will gain the attention they want. One would think that people would be working to find a resolution and possibly calm the fires that are already burning throughout society, but unfortunately that’s not quite how humanity works.

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