The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Lost Footage Review

Bravo knows they have a hit in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and are milking the hell out of it. While ‘The Lost Footage’ episode is not really a new concept, the last Real Housewives show to have one was The Real Housewives of New York from last year. New Jersey and D.C. didn’t get a Lost Footage show, which made me think they were going to be a thing of the past. But alas, they aren’t with Beverly Hills getting the latest treatment and Atlanta allegedly getting one as well. Next week, Bravo will continue their Beverly Hills fascination with a Producers’ Cut of the infamous “Dinner Party From Hell” episode that shot the show into even further popularity. Allison DuBois must be thrilled.

Don’t think that my comments mean that I am tired of the Beverly Hills women, because I am most definitely not. I’ll welcome anything they throw at us quicker than the new Real Housewives of Miami, which I am being apprehensive about for some reason. Details on that later.

Now, let’s move onto the footage Bravo deemed worthy of our attentions after they didn’t make the cut in the regular episodes. Some scenes were kinda blah, while others were worthy of gasping over, which brings me to the first lady up for discussion.

Lisa and Giggy

We all knew Giggy was sick in some capacity, but we didn’t know how bad until last night’s episode. Turns out that Giggy has a serious itching problem along with his alopecia that has puzzled Lisa and Ken for some time. Then they received an email from Giggy’s breeder suggesting that Giggy must be put to sleep! How dare they! Seeing Giggy without most of his hair was heartbreaking since we are used to seeing him in little outfits 24/7. A viewer wrote into the reunion show (in a scene not shown) and called herself reprimanding Lisa for putting costumes on Giggy and torturing the dog by doing so. Lisa’s response?

“You can tell her to kiss my English ass.”

And that, Ms. Lisa VanderPump, is why we worship the ground you walk on.

Kim’s Dating Issues

The clips featuring Kim featured her in her most kooky and comedic self, but it’s the pyschic reading from she gets from a woman named Rebecca that sheds a bit of light on Kim’s somewhat fear of dating. Turns out that an ex-fiance, John C. Collet, was murdered over a business deal back in the early 90s. While that exchange was pretty sad, there was something Kim said about wanting an authentic psychic that caused my eyebrow to raise.

Kim said she and Kyle like for the psychic to prove things to them without having to tell them anything or offer hints. But Kim, babe, you are a Beverly Hills socialite/ex-Disney Princess, which means most of your past is like an open book to clairvoyants and psychics trying to make a buck. Proceed with caution next time you go to a reading by challenging them to pull something that is not public knowledge already. Just saying.

Other than that little morsel, Kim and Kyle introduced their secret language to use called “Richards-Latin,” which I’m dying to learn. They displayed it last night as Kyle was worried about Kim unknowingly talking to a married man. A quick exchange in Richards-Latin cleared that up in a jiffy, although I wonder if the guys sitting near Kim thought she was bat-crap crazy afterwards.

Kyle Gets In Someone’s Ass for Touching Mauricio

One clip I wished had’ve made the cut was Kyle showing no mercy by yanking some drunken über-MILF off of Mauricio and throwing her out of her White Party. The woman looked kinda pissed about the whole affair, but what do you expect when you are practically slobbering in another woman’s husband’s ear, asking if the wife treated him right? That’s an automatic revoke of party privileges and a damn restraining order if Kyle wants to take it that far. The other cool thing about the scene? Mauricio laughing at the whole thing and telling Kyle she did a good job afterwards. These two will stick together for a long time, folks.

Camille’s Charity Case (aka Di Di) and Losing Kelsey

During the reunion, Camille cried foul about the editors not showing any of her intimate moments with friends that make her look like a total snob. Well she got her wish tonight, but I swear her scene with Di Di on the beach seemed like it was shot just for this episode. In the scene, Di Di relayed how thankful she was for Camille in her time of need, which I’m still in the dark about. Camille, what looked like a rehearsed speech for a bad telenovela, replied how she’s always there for Di Di no matter what. It would’ve gotten an awe affect if there was some sort of believability coming from either woman, but I didn’t see any of that until they were leaving the beach.

As for the “final moments” of Camille’s time with Kelsey, my heart goes out to her, because Kelsey just didn’t give a damn that cameras were there recording them. When Camille kissed him and said she misses him, his reply was only, “I know.” Talk about cold-blooded. You can’t help but wonder if the man is proud of himself in the whole divorce mess, but hey, he’s doing him and so should we right? Still though, poor Camille…

Adrienne and Taylor didn’t have much to offer in their new clips, but it was still entertaining to see Adrienne half-heartedly trying to fix a PBJ sandwich while Paul looked on in amusement. Can we get these two a spinoff please?

Stay tuned for next week’s extended “Dinner Party From Hell” episode! Until then, what were your thoughts on this lost footage?


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