The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.07 “My Mansion is Bigger Than Your Mansion” Review

After a week off to have us reflect on the things we should be thankful for, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned to reinstate that which we covet times infinity. With that said, last night’s outing gave us less drama and more Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, because let’s face it, we can’t gawk enough at the possessions of the participants in this show.

Kim Gets Her Groove Back… Kind Of.

The big focus on last night was Lisa’s matchmaking skills which paired Kim with Martin, a family friend of Lisa’s who usually dates tall, brunette women (maybe like Lisa?), but settles to see what Kim has to offer. The entire episode led up to the meeting of these two singles and you couldn’t help but wonder if this meeting would end in tragedy, a crash and burn session, or both. What did happen was one of the most awkward pairings in history, but Kim wasn’t the only person at fault. Lisa, Adrienne, Taylor, and Kyle all were fawning over Kim and Martin as if they were a pair of circus freaks, giving comments on how much chemistry was flowing between the two. News flash! Constantly telling a couple they have chemistry does not necessarily mean the couple has chemistry, especially if it’s their first meeting.

As far as if Kim and Martin lasted past that night? Don’t count on it, if you paid attention to Adrienne’s commentary on Watch What Happens Live!, which is a shame. Kim really needs to get some action.

Adrienne’s Anniversary

Paul goes to the distance for his and Adrienne’s anniversary, which included dinner at home with a three course meal and a German Shephard shipped from Germany. Adrienne enjoyed every detail of the night, claiming the dog was the best gift she ever received. A pretty genuine compliment coming from Adrienne, right? However, Andy Cohen’s Poll Question of the Week asked if Adrienne was too mean to Paul, which a lot of viewers have been vocal about in regards to the couple. In the end, the poll results were just about neck in neck, with the overall participants voting that Adrienne wasn’t mean to Paul after all. See? It’s just honest love, which I’ve always championed on the show. Their marriage is close to the realest thing I’ve seen so far on the show (besides Lisa and Todd’s) and they are basically spinoff fodder, in my opinion.

Taylor’s Confused State

Speaking of dogs, Taylor finds out that her daughter Kennedy is super allergic to the dog Russell bought for the kid’s birthday, which sent Taylor into outrage mode. When the doctor advises to get rid of the pet, Taylor sits with Russell and lays down her concerns. But Russell didn’t want to, despite the facts being laid out in front of him that the dog is bad news for Kennedy. This guy needs some serious therapy or a wake up call…

Just when you think Taylor has enough fire to stay on Russell for the rest of the episode, she relents and starts to yearn for a more close relationship with her hubby. It’s pretty clear that she might be the only one with that hunkering at this point, because it doesn’t seem as if Russell gets it in more ways than one.

Camille Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

As much as it is hard to deny, Camille is slowly becoming Beverly Hills’ version of Danielle Staub as she simply can’t leave old incidents alone. While shopping with her mother for a dress for the Tony Awards, Camille couldn’t help but bring up the fight between her and Kyle, which is basically old news now. Seriously, even Kim and Taylor are back on cordial terms, so why can’t Camille just drop the beef? I was really rooting for her, but now… It’s hard.

Funny Moments

– Lisa basically calling Cedric out on his junk size, which she called a “two inch fuse.” Died on impact as she delivered that line.

– Kim telling Martin that she ended up marrying her first blind date. The reaction from the guy could’ve replaced the “deer in headlights” moniker, and probably signified how the “date” would end later that night.

– Giggy and Ken are just too damn much. They are like road buddies, because they hang so tight.

– I’m never going to stop laughing at Kyle’s “You’re such a f*cking liar, Camille!” line and Camille and Kim’s reactions are just priceless.

Any moments you guys want to comment on?

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