The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.09 “NeNe Get Your Gun” Reveiw

Finding out that your spouse has pretty much slandered your name all over the Internet would be devastating, but The Real Housewives of Atlanta managed to turn such a scenario into ‘tragic art’.

Last night’s super-sized episode marked not only the beginning of the second half of the season, but also the beginning of the end of Gregg and NeNe Leakes stable marriage as well. After a faux ‘interview’ with Gregg went viral, the Leakes’ private business was in everyone’s household, igniting a firestorm of gossip among Atlanta’s elite, especially the other Housewives. The ripple effect even hit NeNe’s new job as an entertainment journalist for Atlanta’s 11 Alive News, which could’ve been grounds for being fired, according to NeNe’s new boss. With all of that drama being planted, it was inevitable for the Leakes love train to go off track and crash in a fiery explosion.

The confrontation between NeNe and Gregg was painful to watch in more ways than one. The first eyesore was just seeing them fight to begin with, because Gregg is usually the voice of reason on the show and seemingly supported everything NeNe was involved in. So to hear Gregg’s comments about the $300,000 he put “into making NeNe big in Atlanta” was a jaw-dropper, even if the comment was taken without his knowledge and/or was in the heat of the moment. Plus, to see NeNe truly hurt by Gregg’s shadiness was also unnerving due to it coming at her from left field, i.e., her job (on her first day, mind you). At this point, no explanation Gregg can come up with will sustain NeNe’s anger, because the ‘blast interview’ was the equivalent of the ultimate betrayal in a marriage. While some people will disagree with me due to NeNe pursuing the divorce in the first place, you have to look at how each party came to the point they are at now. NeNe filed the divorce papers as a wake up call to her husband, but instead of reflection on his part, Gregg vented to the first person who would listen, which turned out to be a total stranger who ended up making the situation even worse. In the end, seeing your marriage deteriorate on television is not something anyone should ever experience. I hope NeNe and Gregg the best and hope things get better for each of them.

While NeNe was dealing with the fallout of her marriage, Sheree had to put Tiy-E Muhammad (aka “Dr. Faux”) in his place. Let’s just go on record here by saying that everything the man said last night didn’t make any sense whatsoever. In between howling with laughter every time some nonsensical piece of idiocy fell out of his mouth and trying to decipher it afterwards, I couldn’t help but wonder what Tiy-E thought he was accomplishing with the lunch he set up with Sheree, who clearly had the upper hand in the entire exchange. Plus, you would think Tiy-E would’ve used his last appearance to clear his name, but alas, he didn’t have the common sense to do even that. ‘Too bad, so sad’ doesn’t cut it here. As Sheree told Lawrence: “On to the next!”

In the miscellaneous pool this week, Kim’s search for a new single got a boost this week when Kandi provided her with a ‘doable’ track for “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing”, but the more this keeps going, the more it gets tiring. Speaking of ‘the ring didn’t mean a thing’, Kim bought her daughter a $3,000 abstinence ring, making Kandi’s song for Kim more symbolic than ever. It will take more than diamonds to keep a promise like that, which hopefully Kim’s daughter understands.

Elsewhere, Phaedra brought home baby Aydan Adonis Nida, who was decked out in a knitted, blue ensemble, which Phaedra said was crafted by the hands of Oprah Winfrey herself. While the outfit looked nice, Aydan did look a little bit warm in the getup as his dad Apollo pointed out. Welcome to your world, Baby Aydan!

Cynthia began preparations on her wedding, which could possibly take up most of the second half of the season. If we’re lucky, we might have her wedding serve as the season ending get together for the ladies, which could be the scene of some high dramatics and switched alliances.

As for What Happens Live! last night, Kandi explained Kim’s claim of paying her to the audience, but there was a lot of legal mumbo jumbo thrown around, but the end result is Kandi still is getting shafted to some degree. Plus, Andy Cohen gave Kandi’s mother an Obama Vibrator and I will just leave it at that.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode?

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