The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.05 “Hot Mama’s Day” Review

Sticky vajajas… Is that really a good thing, fellas?

It seems as if the Real Housewives of Atlanta let their inner freak get buck wild last night as they got vocal on their lives behind their bedroom doors.

First up is Phaedra’s latest adventure in publicizing her upcoming baby by taking pics of herself eating pickles. I’m still trying to figure out what was interesting, sexy, or the point behind those pictures, but this is Phaedra and she makes me laugh by just doing her. So I will move on.

Kandi finally got a chance to step out of the Tardy For The Party Aftermath whirlwind and showcase herself as a new millennial Dr. Ruth. Even her mom was in on the Kandi’s little talk show gig, Kandi Coated Nights, where they apparently discussed using sex toys, which immediately sent NeNe (and myself) to a bad place where we never want to venture to ever again.

Then there is the whole sugar on the vajaja thing… The thoughts that cross my mind when I think about that scenario is too much for this site so I will withhold them for now. On the same note though, is that even sanitary? I mean whip cream is one thing, but… Let me stop.

Before I leave the sexual theme running throughout last night’s episode like a rampant, horny teenager, I have to touch on two things first:

#1 – Sheree’s dinner with Dr. Faux was hilarious, just for her reaction to the crap he was pulling. I usually stick my nose up at Sheree’s snobbery, but I’m sorry because last night it was highly warranted. The funny thing of all didn’t even happen during the dinner, but occurred before when Sheree mentioned to her daughter about the location of the dinner, which clued her in on the shade that is Tiy-E Mohammed. If Sheree finds out the truth about Dr. Faux during this season, I pray she lights into his ass like she did the party planner last year.

#2 – How many of you knew when Cynthia told Pete to keep the NeNe/Gregg mess to himself that it was going to eventually be said and cause some drama? As soon as the words left Cynthia’s mouth, I slick wanted to fast forward to estimate how much damage was done when the grenade landed. One thing it did do was make NeNe slightly emotional, because that was pretty much left field. I hope it doesn’t ruin the dynamic between NeNe and Cynthia, because I like the two of them together and wouldn’t want any bad blood between them.

Now for the non-sexual aspect of last night, which featured Kandi talking to her daughter Riley about Riley’s father who wants to connect with his daughter now. But Riley isn’t interested which bothered Kandi a little. I personally don’t blame Riley for feeling the way she does. I have a niece who went through the same situation, but it worked out for the better in the end. Kandi just needs to have a talk with the father and Riley to get some things out there on the table and deal with them accordingly.

Besides that little cuddly moment, NeNe and Sheree were slinging one liners left and right last night like slingblades. Poor Apollo and Phaedra. I wonder what the hell was going through their heads as they watched this last night. And what’s up with Apollo’s smile? It’s a “You might think I’m clueless, but I’m not” type of thing which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

That’s it for this week fam, but please remember that The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be moving to Sundays Starting This Weekend! Set your DVRs and other scheduling utensils for the switch!

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