“Ready Player One” Featurette Pays Tribute to Steven Spielberg

This tribute to Steven Spielberg given by Ready Player One is something special since you can’t deny that Ernest Cline has a vision of the future that might be coming true eventually. The constant struggle we see every day lately is beginning to make more and more people wish for an escape that just doesn’t seem possible, so the premise of Ready Player One seems like it might one of these days become the reality that we foist upon ourselves in the form of virtual reality. There are a great many arguments against this and why the VR world would be less than acceptable in favor of the real world, but they’re offset by just as many arguments as to why it would be highly preferable.

According to Cline he probably wouldn’t have been able to write the book for Ready Player One without the help of Spielberg, meaning that the famed director’s overwhelming influence from his movies managed to give Cline the material he needed to create something this iconic. When you look at the trailers you can’t help but think that Cline might have been a gamer at some point in his life, or he could have possibly just paid very close attention to the pop culture that emerged throughout the 80’s and took everything from there. The amazing amount of material that is used in the film is definitely Spielberg-inspired but also carries his distinctive touch as he managed to work closely with Cline in an effort to get everything he could into the movie that was in the book.

It seems as though the DeLorean from Back to the Future is going to be playing a prominent role in the film, and will be the vehicle chosen by the lead character. That’s pretty cool considering that the famous 80’s vehicle was never much known for the kind of speed that might put it in the same class as some of the racers that are in the preview. Of course when the whole thing starts to go the way of full contact one can imagine that speed is no longer the only factor to worry about as durability, agility, and maneuverability come into play as well. The movie looks like it’s going to be a thrill ride from start to finish and could possibly be one of the best that Spielberg has done in a long time.

The effects should be one of the most exciting things about it but the story already sounds like something that might excite a lot of people that grew up during the 80’s. It wasn’t one of the most memorable decades but in terms of pop culture there was a lot to enjoy and a lot of fun to be had. The future in this movie looks a little bleak but a return to the pop culture of the past is obviously what some folks tend to wish for. Honestly I can’t say that I blame them, looking at the world the way it is now sometimes makes people want to just escape.


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