Six Disney Characters You Never Knew Existed


A Disney animated feature goes through several edits and re-writes before it ever makes it to the big screen. Sometimes for the better – without cuts, we would’ve seen a comical turkey voiced by John Candy in ‘Pocahontas.’ Remember the character Redfeather?  Yeah, neither do we.

While Disney movies are full of beloved characters, from the famous Princesses to the swashbuckling heroes there are some Disney characters that never made it to the screen.  Take for example Aladdin’s Mom, and Snow White’s hideously offensive extra dwarf.

The incredible team at Dorkly has gone through the painstakingly awesome task of creating some of these memorable characters out of thin air.  So for those of you thinking you would be reading an article about actual Disney characters that literally almost came to be then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.  If you want a laugh because of incredible creativity then enjoy the pictures below.

Here are Disney characters you never knew existed.






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