Ranking the Top Five Red Power Rangers of All-Time

Ranking the Top Five Red Power Rangers of All-Time

In a way it’s kind of amazing just how many different Power Rangers there are but when you really break it down it’s easy to understand why. In the story it’s kind of hard to imagine just one band of Rangers taking care of an entire galaxy on their own, so it makes sense that they’d have to have a little help and form an entire corps of Rangers that would have their own designation and specialties. But the Red Ranger was almost always the top guy, the head honcho, the one that spoke and was listened by everyone before the Green and White Rangers came along, as they seemed to be levels above the Red Ranger at times. But be that as it may the Red Ranger was always the guy that seemed to be in the lead and the one that was in charge unless their authority was challenged somehow. That’s why those that have played the Red Ranger have been given such distinction on the show.

5. Tommy – Turbo

It’s hard not to rank Tommy at the top except for one reason: he was so much better as a Green and then White Ranger. His time among the Rangers started out with him being the enemy as he was under the control of Rita Repulsa. But eventually when he was freed from her influence he became one of the most solid allies the Rangers had, and he even came with his own zord that was just about as tough as the Megazord as well. Putting Tommy on the back end of this list also makes sense considering that by this point he was getting kind of old to play the part of a Ranger and was in need of a different role when on screen.

4. Wes – Time Force

Wes is another good example of what can happen when you take someone that doesn’t care about anyone and slam them into a role where people need them to step up and actually be a decent person. He was kind of a rich brat that didn’t want for anything and was perhaps one of the least likely individuals to be selected as a Ranger. But when the time came to step up to the plate he did so and even went so far as to sacrifice his own powers for the good of the team. That tends to take a lot more than a lot of people can give and proves that throughout his time as a Red Ranger he did learn something.

3. TJ – Turbo

TJ was, quite honestly, the perfect Red Ranger since he was selfless and didn’t leave anyone behind when it came time to finally retreat. The reason he’s sitting at the third spot however has a lot more to do with when he showed up and because it’s the most comfortable spot since he didn’t have anything to improve upon and he didn’t go through a great deal of challenge in having to change his character. He was the most well-rounded Red Ranger among the bunch in many ways and as such he was perhaps the one character that was as flawless as they could get since his morals were never brought into question.

2. Connor – Dino Thunder

Conner gets the nod in this direction largely because he was kind of a success story when it came to being a Ranger. He cared about just one thing before he became a Ranger and that was becoming a soccer player. He was horrible to just about everyone he knew and was an overall jerk throughout the first part of the series. But as the show went on and he figured out what it took to be part of a team and show the kind of commitment that was necessary his character changed gradually until he came to value those around him and eventually became a better person. Plus he did benefit from his time as a Ranger and even got to open up several soccer camps.

1. Jason – Mighty Morphin

Jason gets the nod for the top spot for one reason, and that’s because he was the first of the bunch to come along. Depending on if you want to go by the newest Power Rangers movie or not, Jason is still the guy that filled the role and took over early on in the show and as such he’s the most memorable since he was the first leader of the group and therefore the guy that everyone else was listening to for a while until things started heating up and new characters were introduced. For a while he was the top guy and the one that kind of ran the show aside from Zordon. But after a while of course his position got a little tenuous as other Rangers started getting introduced.

The Red Ranger was the one that a lot of kids wanted to be when they were younger.

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