Ranking The Greatest Showman Songs

Ranking The Greatest Showman Songs

credit: The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman revolved around the ideas of love, ambition, and friendship, and it truly touched the hearts of its viewers through its relatable characters. Moreover, like any musical, its songs were loved by many and even reached peak positions in some countries.

We’ll run down the songs of the movie, and we’ll rank them from the least impactful, remarkable, and inspirational to the most. Note that the rankings presented are subjective and based on the author’s opinions.

Ranking lists are not new here; we even did a few before. You can check them out here and here!

9. The Other Side

This song was about bargaining and could have been done in plain speech. But instead, he used convincing talking tactics when he bargained with Charles Stratton. Moreover, the penultimate part of the song felt like an episode of Shark Tank when one began to bargain for a part of the show, and they began talking numbers until reaching a compromise.

8. Come Alive

Come Alive is a song about waking yourself up from the slumber of doubts to realize your dreams. Simply put, it was a call to release yourself, combat those who doubted you, and set yourself on track. Unfortunately, however, the song was executed a bit poorly. The cast was over the place, and it was hard to follow with too many movements.

7. The Greatest Show

This song is the glorious finale of the show, even though it is the first track in the album. The central theme of this one is the happy resolution where everyone has achieved their dreams and is just celebrating the ending.

6. Tightrope

This is where it starts to affect the viewers. Tightrope had a great metaphor in it. It used the idea of crossing a thin rope with a massive chance of falling, symbolizing a fragile life that most of us are trying to keep together, not wanting it to crumble. It also talked about complacency, like why would one even cross the rope if it was safe on land? What was on the other side?

Ranking The Greatest Showman Songs

Credit: The Greatest Showman

5. From Now On

From Now On is the turning point some of us need. Whether we admit it or not, we would be overrun by our desires to forget ourselves and the people with us. This is a relatable representation of those who have become like that.

4. Never Enough

I wish this could have been higher, but there’s too little variety in the lyrics. Never Enough represents that hole in our heart, that desire to be loved, even though you had everything. The song reiterates this desire by mentioning great riches that will never be enough. It is the call in our hearts to have someone to be with us as we climb to the top of the world and to stay with us once we get there. Because, in the end, being with nobody at the top of the world is depressing.

The only downfall of the song is that around 41% of the lyrics are repetition in any form of “Never enough for me.”

3. This is Me

This is a better version of Come Alive. In a lively way, this song empowered the audience to power through their haters and doubters. It also called the viewers to step out of their hiding spots and show themselves to the world. The song is inspirational, uplifting, and refreshing.

2. Rewrite the Stars

The song is the story of a couple who loved each other but knew very well that they couldn’t be together. In the movie, Anne Wheeler knew she couldn’t love Philip because her skin color forbids her from marrying him. Although Philip loved her as well, they knew love was impossible. So they hoped to rewrite the stars (history and destiny) to be in their favor.


Ranking The Greatest Showman Songs

credit: The Greatest Showman

1. A Million Dreams

For me, A Million Dreams is the most excellent song in the movie. It’s too moving and inspirational. It featured a boy in poverty and a girl from a wealthy family. Through this, the song expressed perseverance in achieving one’s dreams and never losing faith and sight in what you wanted. It had a good ending as Barnum finally got himself out of poverty, and he also married the girl he loved.

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