Ranking All the Games in the Sniper Elite Franchise


Sniper Elite Series

There’s something exhilarating about tactical games, especially the ones that involve guns. That’s probably why the Sniper Elite Series is as popular as it is. Altogether, it’s a third-person shooting game that borrows elements of first-person shooter games to incorporate an added layer of reality.

That’s probably why it has easily become one of the most popular games available on the market. In fact, there’s an entire series of games with a new one coming out every couple of years. Naturally, each new entry builds on the previous one, adding interesting features along the way.

Of course, ‘new’ doesn’t always mean ‘best’, so there’s still a hierarchy when it comes to each game released. With that in mind, here’s a list of all of the Sniper Elite games currently available, ranked from best to worst.

1. Sniper Elite 4 (2017)


Here’s a well-known secret — every Sniper Elite game pretty much runs on the same blueprint. However, the fourth installment is generally regarded as the best of the bunch. Released in 2017, this version of the game boasts of an advanced and streamlined experience.

However, the real winner in this version, when compared to its predecessors, is in terms of the stealth mechanics. There’s also the addition of larger maps which, in turn, makes it easier to dodge obstacles. At the end of the day, this gives the game a more real-worldly feel.

Of course, the storytelling itself is still lacking, but the game is engaging enough to distract from that.

2. Sniper Elite V2 (2012)


This particular version is a lot like the original. However, there are some significant improvements made that make it a lot more fun to play. For starters, there’s more structure added to the game, so players didn’t feel like they were bouncing around without a purpose.

The developers also added more variety, which prevents gamers from mastering the game too quickly or getting bored.

3. Sniper Elite (2005)


Now, this is the OG version as far as Sniper Elite is concerned. Developed by Rebellion, this version dropped at a time when World War era shooters saturated the market. But the game still stood out thanks to its hands-on approach to combat.

There’s also the fact that the game was a lot more realistic that its peers at the time. Gamers had the option of making choices that affected their longevity in the game. Of course, in this day and time,  the graphics would look outdated.  But, back then, it was the belle of the ball.

4. Sniper Elite III (2013)

This version was a little bit different than others that came before it. Mostly because the developers intentionally wanted to add an additional level of realism that they felt was missing from previous versions. Naturally, some people loved this, while some didn’t care for this version as much as others.

Altogether, it may not be the most popular version of the Sniper Elite series, but it is a necessary one. Without it, it is highly unlikely that the very popular fourth version would have come along, at least not in its current form. Considering that the newer version of the game sits easily at the top of the list, this is not a version that should be completely discounted.

5. Zombie Army Trilogy (2015)

A lot of people don’t even consider this trilogy as part of the Sniper Elite series. Why? Well, it involves an alternate universe characterized by an army of zombies, hence the name. Of course, this deviates a bit from the realism of actual combat and incorporates the supernatural… and Nazis.

Altogether, it’s very much over the top in its graphics and storyline. So, it’s not well-suited for people who appreciate the logic of the other games.

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