10 Things You Didn’t Know about Randy Rainbow

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Randy Rainbow

Thanks to social media, it’s possible to become a TV star before ever actually appearing on TV. Randy Rainbow’s (yes, that’s his real name) career as a successful YouTube is proof. Rainbow, who is best-known for his YouTube skits and parodies is also a comedian and singer who has a knack for keeping people entertained. His success on YouTube has positioned him for other opportunities and and he’s even been nominated for an Emmy. With his lively personality and hilarious antics, Randy is definitely someone worth knowing. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Randy Rainbow.

1. He’s Not Passionate About Politics

Randy Rainbow’s political commentary has become his most popular subject matter. However, he isn’t actually that interested in politics. Randy told The Hollywood Reporter: “I don’t have a passion for politics, but I do have a passion for truth and justice. When I see people being attacked as they are now on a daily basis, I respond.”

2. He Released An EP

YouTube may be his bread and butter, but Randy Rainbow has other interests. He loves to sing and released an EP last year called Hey Gurl, It’s Christmas. Randy told Billboard that he’s a big fan of Christmas music and has always dreamed of releasing a Christmas album.

3. His Grandmother Was His Biggest Influence

With his line of work, most people would guess that Randy’s big influence is a famous actor or comedian, but he actually got his inspiration from his grandmother. Randy says that his grandmother would always create her own commentary while watching TV shows.

4. He Used To Work On Broadway

When Randy first moved to New York City, he was working all sorts of add jobs to try and make ends meet. One of his jobs including working on Broadway. However, he wasn’t acting in any places as you may have assumed. Instead, he worked as a receptionist for a theater company.

5. Two Of His Famous Fans Left Him Starstruck

Randy Rainbow has built a large fanbase over the years, but the feeling of being recognized and appreciated never gets old. Especially when that feeling is coming from people you respect and appreciate just as much. Randy said he couldn’t help but be starstruck when he found out that Steve Martin and Martin Short were friends of his work. He got the chance to meet them at an event in NYC and said he was shocked when Steve Martin was able to quote his videos and referred to Rainbow’s work as being “major”.

6. He Got A Letter From Hillary Clinton

Martin Short and Steve Martin aren’t the only well-known people who are familiar with Randy Rainbow’s work. Hillary Clinton, who has been parodied by Rainbow, even sent him a fan letter to let him know that she’s seen his work.

7. He Hopes To Have A TV Show Some Day

Randy Rainbow is incredibly grateful for the platform that YouTube has given him, but he hopes to one day have his own TV show on HBO or Netflix. When he envisions the type of show he would have, he says, “In my imagination, I see a hybrid of Pee-wee’s Playhouse and The Daily Show, tackling everything from politics to pop culture.”

8. He Once Worked On A Cruise Ship

As I mentioned earlier, Randy Rainbow is no stranger to odd jobs. But some of those jobs have been more odd than others. After dropping out of college, Randy got a job working on a cruise ship as a singer. Working on a cruise ship may sound like a dream come true for some, but Randy Rainbow had other dreams.

9. He Was In Musical Theater As A Kid

Singing and performing has been a part of who Randy Rainbow is for most of his life. When he was a kid, he was involved in musical theater and hopes that one day he can have his own Broadway run. He says that musical talent runs in his family along with the ability to make people love.

10. He Used To Have A Blog

While working for the theater company in New York, Randy started a blog. He used the blog as an opportunity to improve his writing skills and he eventually ended up with a pretty decent following from the local theater and LGBT communities. It was the success of the blog that eventually inspired Randy to create a YouTube channel to continue to share his observations on camera.

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