10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aml Ameen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aml Ameen

Aml Ameen Interview

Dedication, hard work, and a determination that could bend steel if it was so applied seem to be what helps a lot of people make it in show business these days and keep them from being just another flash in the pan talent that lasts longer than a few movies. But that seems to be what Aml Ameen has in spades since he’s been working since 2003 in front of the camera to show what he can do and what he’s worth the audience. So far in his career he’s done just that and made a name for himself as one of the best up and coming actors around. It doesn’t always come with the overwhelming accolades that might make a person a headliner overnight, but it does seem to come with the kind of knowledge that his place in show business is firmly set and that he can impress the right folks when he needs to in order to get where he wants to go.

Here are a few things about Aml you might not have known.

10. It’s been said that he was replaced in Sense8 after a dispute with the Wachowski’s.

There are a few rumors as to why he was replaced on the show but Padraig Cotter from ScreenRant is pretty even-handed when it comes to stating just why he really left, which has more to do with creative differences than anything. It would appear that people are going to gossip the moment that anything even remotely interesting happens though, and this is just one example.

9. His first film role in Hollywood was in Red Tails.

He gets to play one of the fame Tuskegee Airmen that helped to make history back in the day and were the inspiration for this movie. It’s amazing to look back on history and think about how people reacted to one another back then only to realize that the feelings have followed us to this present day in different ways.

8. He had a role in Maze Runner.

If you missed him don’t feel too bad since there was a lot going on in the movie and there were many individuals that took center stage at times, thereby insuring that it would be difficult to really see everyone at all times.

7. Aml was in Yardies, the directorial debut of Idris Elba.

Anytime you can get in on the directorial debut of someone that’s already shown what they can do in front of the camera it seems as though it might be an exciting bit of history to participate in since it could be the start of something great.

6. He’s been a theater actor as well.

This could be where he picked up a lot of his talent as it would seem that the theater would be the place that would allow a lot of people to think quickly and on the spot if anything goes wrong, and thereby learn how to act at the drop of a dime if necessary.

5. His presence on social media is fairly small.

It does kind of seem as though he’s not as active on social media as some, though it might be that he’s too busy or just doesn’t take the time as often to really check up on his followers. Some folks don’t have a screen in front of their eyes all day or even every day after all.

4. He has a net worth of around $3 million.

It’s estimated that this net worth could expand as his career goes along and it does seem as though this could be correct. Aml is after all one of the many rising stars in show business at this time and it does seem fair to say that he might one day surpass a lot of people and become one of the most well known faces in Hollywood. With the way he works and how hard he pushes to be the best it could happen.

3. Aml is currently in his 30s.

He’s young enough to have the energy and the drive to keep going for what he wants and yet he’s old enough to have enough life experience and gathered wisdom to decide upon a course that might carry him higher and further than he’s currently seen. Sometimes being in your 30s is one of the best places to be.

2. He’s been named as one of the people to watch by Time Magazine.

That’s not a small thing to be honest since it means that someone has taken note of your talents and is willing to keep an eye on you so as to tell whether or not you’re going to be the next big thing or not.

1. Aml has been working pretty hard since his emergence into show business.

Taking a look at his filmography is all you really need to know that he’s been pushing hard to become a great actor. Now all he needs is that one breakout role to be one of the best and he should be on his way.

Hard work and determination go a lot further than flash.

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