Fred Savage and FOX Getting Sued for Harassment, Assault, Discrimination

Fred Savage and FOX Getting Sued for Harassment, Assault, Discrimination

And the harassment suits continue to pile up as now FOX and Fred Savage are being sued for harassment, assault, and discrimination no less. The star of the Grinder is being called out now for something he supposedly did to a female crew member back in 2015. Apparently the woman in suing as she claims that Savage punched her three times in the arm when she was attempting to brush a bit of dandruff off of his suit while he was wearing it. The problem with this is that there don’t seem to be any witnesses that can corroborate her story.

It’s also been claimed that Savage has been quite discriminatory behind the scenes, showing absolute disdain for women and even going so far as to shout at them in front of everyone and creating a hostile work environment. There’s not much doubt that his reps and even Savage himself would deny this, and at this point it’s hard to know just who’s telling the truth. Many people have already picked a side as is custom but sitting in the middle seems to incur the wrath of both sides. On the one hand if he did punch the woman in the arm there’s the very likely possibility that if anyone did see they would keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their job if they spoke out against the star. Even with the MeToo movement in effect and the changing scene in Hollywood people are still going to be afraid of losing their jobs if they set one toe in the wrong direction or speak out against the wrong person. So even if the woman is correct in her allegations then it becomes her word against Savage’s with no one to back her up while Savage likely has a team ready to go in his defense.

On the other hand if this didn’t really happen and the woman was displeased with how she’d been spoken to it’d be a good way to try and get back at Savage and the studio in an attempt to make them feel the pinch that others did when stars decided to go off the hook and act in a less than professional manner. There’s nothing to say that Savage did or didn’t do this, or that he hasn’t been a complete jerk to the crew, as it’s been seen in the past that several stars are far different behind the scenes than they are when in character. It’s kind of a shock for fans but many will gladly forgive their favorite stars as they tend to believe that people in these positions of fame are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want. Unfortunately for the celebrities in this day and age more and more people are wanting them to be held accountable for their actions and words, and the day might come when their denial and their defense both crumble around them like a sand castle caught in a high tide.

That day is still coming, but it’ll be here at some point.

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