Raised by Wolves: “Feeding” Recap

Raised by Wolves: “Feeding” Recap

Things are quickly coming to a head when it comes to who’s going to band together and who’s going to stand against the rising threat that’s been revealed. The followers of Sol and the people that don’t trust androids or Sol, since Mother did kill off the Trust, will have to make a choice when it comes to what they need to do to defend themselves against what’s coming. The serpent, which was left imprisoned for a while as things continued to happen, is now free, and the ramifications for this are about to be huge. As many who have been watching the show are already aware, Sue was turned into a tree, Father’s experiment has become self-aware, and Tempest’s baby was taken by one of the sea creatures, which has prompted Father and several others to go searching for the child. To say that things are about to become crazy when the finale comes around is putting it lightly since a lot of people are hoping for a showdown between the veiled android and the transformed serpent, which has shown itself to be the greater threat. 

Some might have been able to let themselves think that the serpent, which has been intimidating since it was ‘born’, but the truth is that there was something about this creature from the start that said ‘danger’. Thanks to Mother and Campion’s words seeking to absolve any guilt that the serpent might have accrued from its appearance, the creature was more or left allowed to sit in its containment. But with the developments that have occurred in the last few episodes, it’s clear that the serpent had another purpose. Of course, thinking that the purpose was to consume the tree that Sue would eventually become wasn’t exactly something that people could see coming. At the same time, seeing Mother and Marcus come to an understanding over anything would have been something that no one would have expected in the earlier episodes of this season.

Since this show started it’s been kind of an oddity, especially since it’s been tough to know who to root for, as Mother is insanely overbearing most times while Father acts as though he’s confused most of the time as to why things aren’t turning out the way they need to. Campion is set to be one of the more heroic characters in the story, but while some might believe this, it still feels as though it’s not quite as accurate as it should be, since the kid still doesn’t appear to have the bearing of a leader, though he does have the kind of compassion that leads one to think that he has a big heart, but not always the kind of intelligence that’s needed to be a balanced character. As for the rest of the cast, everyone has been playing their part as of now, as Paul continues to believe firmly in Sol as he wants Sue back, and held out hope that the delivery of the fruit would convert the rest of the Atheists. Mother didn’t think this was a good idea as she started to warn people away from them, even if people took them when she had her back turned. 

Mother’s maternal instinct doesn’t allow her to annihilate the serpent, which isn’t that much of a surprise since she’s been kind of a neurotic mess for so much of the show thus far as she’s been trying to sort out her feelings as a caregiver has conflicted with her original programming as a weapon of war. The role of the Necromancer has troubled her, but it’s also been useful in eliminating her enemies since she’s virtually invulnerable and doesn’t require much effort to destroy whatever is in front of her. During her confrontation with the serpent, however, it was made clear that her ability to strike the creature down was enough to give her pause, allowing the serpent to strike her down with its own sonic attack as she was left in the dust, so to speak. Seeing her and Marcus team up to find a way to take the serpent down, however, since up until now the two of them have been ready and willing to end each other. 

The coming finale is going to be something worth remembering hopefully since things are being set up in a way that will bring the season to an end that will be highly satisfying. Where the story will go from here isn’t too hard to predict, but at the same time, it’s hopeful that the Mithraic and the Atheists will come together to find a common purpose. There will likely be another threat that needs to be dealt with if the show continues. As things currently stand it’s easy to think that matters will only get more messed up as time goes on, but it’s been intriguing to see how things have turned out so far. 

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