Why We Need Assassin’s Creed as a TV Series

Why We Need Assassin’s Creed as a TV Series

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It’s not entirely easy to realize why so many fans of Assassin’s Creed didn’t like the movie, but the fact is that it didn’t perform as well as it could and it might be an indication that the story isn’t ready for the big screen just yet. It does sound as though there is an adaptation coming to Netflix, but there aren’t a lot of details about it yet, meaning that we don’t know which time period it will cover and if there’s a possibility that we might see Altair or Ezio Auditore, two of the assassins that helped to push the idea forward in a very big way. While the franchise has gone on to include assassins and Templars in various time periods, including the present, Ezio and Altair were among the most noted assassins that pushed the story forward, since Altair is one of the most noted members due to what he did for the order, while Ezio became a legend as well, appearing in three of the main games and even going on to guest star in a couple of other games later on. 

Since that time however, there have been several noted assassins that have been given their own stories, not to mention the eras that have been created in recent years that go well beyond Altair and speak of the origins of the assassins, as well as the Templars. The continual struggle between the two factions has been the driving force behind the games since the first one came out, and the idea of the assassins being the protagonists has been interesting since the start. The Templars tend to believe that the freedoms that people enjoy and take advantage of are dangerous since they tend to allow people to do and say whatever they want without the benefit of guidance or wisdom from those that know better. The problem with this ideology however is that by using the artifacts that are present throughout the games, the Pieces of Eden are devices created by a vastly advanced race that were left on earth. 

The Pieces of Eden are extremely powerful and in the wrong hands could subjugate millions or more, which is what the Templars desire as they want control over the minds and hearts of the masses, while the assassins are willing to go to great lengths to keep people free, no matter what that might mean. While the Templars are convinced that the assassins are the villains that want to allow humanity to be their own end, the assassins are a curious lot that have seen some of their members fall under the sway of their enemies, but are brutal when it comes to eliminating a threat. An Assassin’s Creed series could possibly last for a while by taking on one story after another and melding them together through the different time periods as they highlight one familiar character after another. It could be that the AC movie didn’t really do that well because the main character wasn’t someone that people wanted to see, and while the fight for the Pieces of Eden was still something that was mentioned, it wasn’t focused on nearly enough, nor was the entire premise of the story what people wanted to see. 

It’s true that AC is essentially a computer simulation that takes a modern-day individual into the past to walk in the footsteps of their ancestor, and that each individual selected for this mind trip is descended from either an assassin or a Templar. The goal of each game has been to find a Piece of Eden and to stop the Templars from taking control while playing the role of an assassin. While the lines between good and evil do get blurred during this game, and will no doubt be blurred in a TV series, it’s still enough to think that we absolutely need this idea to come through and work since AC does need a bit of redemption at this time. The games have been a lot of fun, but the movie wasn’t exactly a shining moment in the franchise, and it’s a big hope that the series will be something that can last for a while and bring to life the stories that people want to see, and possibly create a spinoff or two that might work as well. 

Right now it would be enough if the series managed to take off in a manner that fans would find appealing since AC definitely needs a boost when it comes to the transition from the games to the small screen. Should it be successful however it will likely become something that fans want to see more of and a worthy adaptation that can be seen as something that will allow Assassin’s Creed to finally reach its full potential. 

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