Psych 5.04 “Chivalry Is Not Dead… But Someone Is” Review

Shawn in a suit? Yes, that’s right, but does good clothing hold a chance for a fancy murder?

To begin, the guest stars this week were Jean Smart and John Michael Higgins. Granted these aren’t huge stars, they still were able to hold attention on screen. The banter at the end between Shawn (James Roday) and Clive (Higgins) had me laughing. I would of liked to see both guest stars in a more comedic role during the episode but since they were playing people of class, I’m guessing humor for them would not have worked.

Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) discuss their new case.

The episode itself was very original. The writers did a great job this week placing red-hearings throughout the episode. I found myself second guessing who I believed was the murderer many times. The story centered around a murder at a classy party. The characters involved were portrayed fantastic and seeing Shawn and Gus (Dule Hill) interact with high society had me laughing . Gus especially had me at one point while flirting with a cougar. As for the humor, the episode really had it’s moments. The scene in the locker room with the characters repeating the word Naphthalene had me almost in tears (granted it doesn’t take much for me to laugh).

Once again, the over-arcing season story line was not shown. Granted the season is only 4 episodes in, I think the writers should add some for to the story so it doesn’t become rushed towards the end. I was able to look past this a little because we finally got another nickname for Gus. When meeting Clive for the first time Shawn gave Gus the nickname Chaz Bono. It’s not Shawn’s funniest nickname, but it did get me to chuckle.

This episode really had me entertained through the entire 42 minutes. Can’t wait to see what the Psych team has in store for them next week. B


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