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I just have to get this off my chest. I went to sleep last night at 8pm. Clearly one hour before Private Practice was to start in my Mountain Time zone. But, watching it right now, to review it, and I could swear I’ve already seen it. I KNOW I’ve already seen it. It’s kind of freaking me out. So, now that that is out there, on with the review.

Addison’s mother wants her to throw her the wedding she and her lover, Susan, have already dreamed about. Susan’s health is on the rebound and I don’t think Bizzy wants to wait in the event something else is thrown in their path. Addison is not a wedding planner. In fact, she hates the thought and hates it even more because it’s her mother, and she’s marrying another woman. She admits straight out to Naomi that if it was she marrying another woman, she’d be fully supportive, but not with her mom. The idea of her mom actually feeling so deeply frightens the hell out of Addison. By the end, they seem to have a new understanding of each other, and hopefully a healed relationship as mother and daughter.

Sheldon suggested that Charlotte visit his friend, a man who practically invented talk therapy, and he just wants to give her drugs. Sheldon’s suggestion that she may need to be stabilized before talking will help does not help matters. At all. She’s such a strong character, and while it was the perfect person to put through this particular tragic circumstance, I can’t stand to watch her in such pain. That she can’t sleep is one thing, but that she can’t have sex is a completely different avenue. Sex is not only her greatest pleasure and emotional outlet, it’s her life’s work. I know it will be a long road back for Charlotte, but I am supporting her the entire way, as much as it hurts.

This sadness even runs onto Sheldon as he goes to his friend to ask why he would turn Charlotte away in such a manner. The man from whom he learned everything he believes and on which he based his practice now tells him it’s all a lie. Talk therapy is useless and only drugs can attack the neurotransmitters and synapses in a way to really help patients. Ouch. Now we have two people who’s lives have been turned upside down. Even Amelia jumps into the conversation to say that why waste time talking when chemical reactions in your brain are what control your emotions. I don’t know much about addiction, and whether a mood stabilizer can be harmful to a patient who has struggled with it, so I don’t really understand what it would mean to prescribe them to a patient. But, after Sheldon discovers the guy himself seems to be an addict (even on Prozac, etc., you don’t carry pill bottles in your jacket pocket to pop throughout the day – it’s a once a day thing), I’m hoping Sheldon and Charlotte can use their past friendship to work through her problems together, should she need to confide in someone her deepest fears.

Naomi gives Addison a piece of her mind in connection with Addy’s love for Sam and her interactions with the irresistible Dr. Rodriguez. The hunky doc won’t stop flirting with her at her work, despite her telling him that she loves Sam. Naomi points out that the more real her love is for someone (Sam, in this instance) the more she panics and screws it up by cheating. It doesn’t help that Bizzy and Susan both see how Dr. Rodriguez feels about Addison and almost urge her on. That’s not the best influence, given her past behavior. In a moment of hesitation and desire to hold herself accountable for her actions and love for Sam, she asks him to marry her. She eventually confronts him and tells him she knows her past, is afraid to screw it up, and doesn’t want it to be that way with him. I’m pulling for her. I’ve not felt the real connection between them, but I am hopeful they can both find happiness.

As with most episodes, it was fraught with both happy and sad endings. I think the title “Heaven Can Wait” did just that, until Susan and Bizzy were married, as Susan collapsed at the end, and it didn’t look hopeful. The love Charlotte witnessed during the wedding gave her a way to separate the ugly event that happened to her and accept that she was not a victim forever more. She has love in her life, and with a quick jog into the hotel Ice Room, the better, secure side of Charlotte was with her love once again, melting the ice, so to speak. There is a time for every emotion, and I can say quite a few of them were felt during “Heaven Can Wait.”

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