Prison Break Releases First Five Minutes of Footage From Revival Premiere

In the very opening seconds of the Prison Break revival you hear the words “Freedom has a price” by Michael Scofield.  And from that point on you’re drawn in.   Obviously that price is not being able to tell a soul that you’re still alive.  Playing dead has cost him a brother, a wife, and a son.  But will he be seeing them again?  That’s was fans are counting on in the newest season of Prison Break which airs this week on Fox (tomorrow, 4/4/17).  According to TVline

Fox has released the first five minutes from the “Season 5” premiere (airing Tuesday at 9/8c), and they allow a glimpse at where Michael (played by Wentworth Miller) is right now, give a hint at what brother Lincoln (Legends of Tomorrow‘s Dominic Purcell) has been up to for the past seven years and cover Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell’s (Robert Knepper) release from prison, where he is met with a very special (pretty?) delivery.

It’s been a long road to get this series back on the air, but thanks to the show’s fans and unwavering commitment to watching on Netflix making it one of the highest viewed Netflix titles, producers couldn’t ignore its popularity and had to bring the show back.   Check out the first five minutes below:

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