Pretty Little Liars 5.12 Review: “Taking this One to the Grave”

Pretty Little Liars 5.12 Review: “Taking this One to the Grave”

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During the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars the Rosewood police start zeroing in on Spencer, Mona is suddenly terrified of Ali, Toby is a cop…I think, and a pretty major character is killed…but the body cannot be found.
We join Liars huddled together in the midst of an active crime scene. Police are wandering in and out of a house that is blocked off with yellow police tape. Then we are sent back 36 hours to find out how the girls ended up there.

The first scene, surprisingly, finds Mona in her room. This is a change of pace, as I don’t ever recall opening on a character other than the Liars previously. I could be very wrong and just a little weirded out seeing Mona in her own home. Mona’s mom (we’ve never seen her before so it’s that’s a little suspect) tells her that the Liars are there to see her. The girls need her help because they are worried about what Ali is telling the cops. Shockingly, and I’m serious, Mona tells them that she I scared of what will happen if Ali founds out that she is helping them. This is like a 180 from the Mona that stood up to Ali a couple of episodes ago, the one who manipulated cellphone footage to make appear as though Ali had attacked her. Mona’s been building an army to confront Ali, so this fear is sudden.

Mona immediately calls to assemble her army but the only one who shows up is Lucas who tells her that Ali has gotten to everyone else. Ok, now I can see why Mona should start sweating it out.

At the station, Ali had been administered a lie detector test during which she’s asked if she killed Bethany Young. I guess she passes because she’s not held at the station (can you hold someone for a failed lie detector test?).

Mona settles for what she’s got at the moment and recruits Lucas to help her hack into the Rosewood PD computer system. Mona shares the video with the girls and they watch and listen as Ali proceeds to throw Spencer completely under the bus in regards to the Bethany Young murder.

The girls and Mona decide to sneak into Radley to get more information on Bethany Young. They find a recording of Bethany from a therapy sessions asking if she can trust anyone in that (the DiLaurentis) family. She wonders if it’s “like mother, like daughter.” This is the proof that Mona and the girls need to prove that Ali knew Bethany.

On the lighter less dangerous side, Emily’s heretofore unknown Christmas obsession is revealed and we find out that Toby is a cop. Or at least he’s dressed as one. I had to look up how long it takes for a recruit to go through the academy. One source claims 18 weeks, not including field training. It seems like Toby went for about two weeks instead. I’ll never understand this show’s timeline.

Back to the regular foreboding programming: Toby is hit in his car and ends up with a broken leg, Spencer, probably thanks to the ever so helpful Ali, is arrested for the murder of Bethany Young, and Mona, surrounded by all her evidence to prove that Ali is “A” is attacked by a hooded figure with blonde hair. We never see the face, leaving us to speculate for a while if it’s Ali.

The tag finds the same hooded figure opening a car trunk revealing the very dead body of Mona. I can’t always connect an episode’s title to the events of the show but I think I have this one dead on, pun intended. Mona is literally taking her secret (info to blow up Ali) to her grave.

Next chance for answers, or probably more questions, is the Christmas episode which is a contrast to the usual Halloween fare viewers have become used to.

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