Pretty Little Liars 2.19 Review: Three Truths and a Straight Up Lie

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 19Last night’s Pretty Little Liars took the old notion of the truth setting you free and turned the concept on its head. The Liars and their school mates were holed up in Rosewood High for “Truth-Up Day,” another excuse for the students to be stuck at school after hours (remember last season’s “The Perfect Storm?”). As lame as the experiment sounded, it did manage to its job by exposing enough secrets and truths that would make a gossip monger drunk with information.

It is for this overindulgence of new information that I took it upon myself to give out achievement awards for job well done on last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars and a job well done for the Truth-Up Day. So join me if you will as I pass out the awards to the top achievers within the Truth-Up Day activities. Add your own if your favorite didn’t make the cut.

The Hoe Check of the Night Award

Winner – Caleb for hoe checking Jenna’s silly ass into silence after talking half-truths and pity juice about Hanna and the other Liars. Easily one of the best scenes of the night, which was sealed with Caleb’s back-hand slap of a comment: “By the way, this is Caleb speaking. In case you’re confused.” The only thing missing was a scolding hard to follow the end of the sentence. Team Caleb, dammit.

Runner Up – Ashley for verbally slapping Isabelle after it was revealed that Kate was the culprit to her sexting scandal. If only I could be a fly on the wall as Isabelle and Kate tried to explain that one to Mr. Marin and not get set out in the process. But with him, he might believe the two wenches anyway… Sad.

This nomination was very close to winning the award, but Caleb took the cake by letting Jenna know that she’s not scaring anyone at his camp.

Best OMG Moment of the Night

Winner – Spencer finding out that Jason DiLaurentis is in fact her half-brother! Talk about a game changer and a punch to the gut for Spencer! I didn’t see that reveal coming at all and it didn’t cross my mind that Jason could actually be a Hastings kid. Wonder how this revelation will affect the overall mystery and the Pretty Little Liars 2.19rest of this season?

First Runner Up – Kate being behind the sexting photo that gave her a school full of pity and made Hanna a social pariah. I actually thought ‘A’ had a role in the incident, because that is most definitely their M.O. However, not only was I glad Kate was the culprit after all, but also that the writers didn’t drag this story out too long. Will this reveal send Kate on her way? I heavily doubt it, but I can’t see how the girl can have any social clout after this messy stunt she pulled.

Second Runner Up – Holden drop kicking Noel Kahn’s weird ass for coming after Aria. I don’t know exactly what the kid’s bruises stem from, but maybe he’s involved in some sort of underground Rosewood fight club? I’m pretty sure that we will find this out soon, but it better have something of a “Wow!” type reaction for the audience/

The WTH? Moment of the Night

Winner – Mona wanting to help Emily suddenly. What did Mona have to gain for her services to Emily other than a future gossip topic? My guess? This was just the writers way of pointing out how suspect Mona actually is in the grand scheme of things. Seriously, the girl knows her way around files, secrets, and blackmail. If she’s not ‘A’ or an ‘A’ protegé, I will most definitely die from sheer shock and disappointment.

Runner Up – The whole plot involving the number found in Alison/Vivian Darkbloom’s coat. It really didn’t have an edge of your seat thrill to it as the other plots of the night did. Hopefully this will pick up next week in abundance.

Best Parental on Deck

Winner – Ashley Marin. Hands down. The woman is the epitome of a lioness once one of her cubs are attacked. While it was clear she had doubts about Hanna’s involvement in the sexting scandal, Ashley still had her daughter’s back through thick and thin. It is that reason alone why Ashley needs this award to sit on her mantel.

Runner Up – No one. Ella was in her usual mother hen/teacher mode and didn’t really offer much last night, while Mrs. Hastings gave us some drama, but was doing her damnedest to cover it up. It was Truth-Up Day, not Bury the Facts Day.

So those are my Truth-Up Day Awards for this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. What were yours?

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