Pretty Little Liars Review: Separated, But Equally Scandalous

Despite trying to follow their parents’ wishes and not be seen with each other, the Pretty Little Liars got a loud and clear answer from ‘A’ on their fickle charade… She (or he) wasn’t having it.

After last week’s crazy return to our televisions, Pretty Little Liars gave us more questions to ponder, but very little answers to have a conniption over. Some of those questions, such as where the hell is Ian (or his body), stayed in the forefront, while others got the week off to probably come back with the vengeance of a teenage girl scorned.

First up, the central issue of the girls having to play anti-friends due to their therapist’s suggestions to the parentals. You would think the Grown Liars would know that their daughters are still meeting with one another and in turn would resort to some serious extremes to make sure PLL club meetings be a thing of the past for the moment. Instead, there aren’t any chained doors, new alarm systems, or barred windows to keep these girls apart, which probably wouldn’t matter anyway given the severity of their situation, but I digress. Wonder how long this therapeutic exercise will last before the parents realize that it is completely pointless and that they were pretty much gypped out of some serious dough…

Next up is the “Phantom” Ian. Who’s behind the mysterious texts being sent to Melissa and does she actually know where Ian’s whereabouts may be? Here’s my take on that little scenario: Jason DiLaurentis is the person behind the texts and also swiped Ian’s body and is preparing to bury it. I draw this conclusion from Melissa’s weird behavior when Jason’s name was mentioned, because there was something deep going on there. On the contrary, at the end of the episode Melissa blatantly lied to Spencer about not being outside, but it was clear the girl went and saw someone to show them her ultrasound of her baby. Why would she show it to Jason if my previous inkling was true? Also, Ian being alive would make perfect sense, especially with all the burglaries popping up around town. True, these assessments might seem too easy and simple for a show like Pretty Little Liars, but you never know with these cast of characters.

Now let’s get down to each girl’s personal issue of the week.

Pretty Little Liars: The Goodbye LookAria – I might have been the only person glad to see Ezra leave the school, because I have never, and never will, be a fan Aria and Ezra. The set up is kind of creepy and Lolita-ish, so I couldn’t help but gasp in slight joy when I realized that he got another teaching position elsewhere, pitting the relationship in doom. I know I might be considered a horrible person for that, but nothing good can come out of that relationship once it will be inevitably out in the open one day.

Despite my rant, I still thought it was a very nice touch to see shots of the various items signifying moments of Ezra and Aria throughout season one strewn around Ezra’s apartment. That was so awesome that I can’t even say anything negative about it at all. It also enhanced my assumption of the relationship being completely finished, because everything about this storyline seemed like one book was closing and another one opening for Aria. Then we got the jaw-dropping ending of her running to Ezra and locking lips with the guy like there was no tomorrow. I was sure someone in the parking lot saw that kiss, but there was no indication of the sort, so Azra got off scott free again. For now.

Hanna – Mr. Marin reappeared to see what the hell his daughter has gotten into this time around, but offers to stay for a few days, which makes for an awkward situation since Mr. Marin has a new family to take care of. Both Marin women are not too thrilled about this arrangement, especially Ashley who probably still has lingering feelings for her ex-husband, but was strong enough to keep them in check. Hanna, on the other hand, let Mr. Marin know where he screwed up at and that she wasn’t about to let him off the hook that easily. The conversation was pretty awkward between the two and nothing really came from the attempted bonding moment.

Pretty Little Liars Season Two: The Goodbye LookAlthough, there is one person Hanna was in the forgiving mood for and that lucky individual was Mona, who I personally wouldn’t trust with a phonebook, let alone my secrets. To give Mona some sort of credit, she did seem genuine in her apology and wanting to resume her friendship with Hanna. Maybe Mona realized that she is really #2 in the popularity food chain, or she’s really itching to get some dirt on Hanna and the other Liars to feed back to Noel. I’m still retching from that pair up.

Emily – Our resident swimmer found a way to stay in Rosewood through a potential swimming scholarship to a prestigious school in the area. The only problem is that the scholarship isn’t concrete and a possibility is not good enough for Emily’s parents to consider such a huge decision. In other words, this is another toy for ‘A’ to play with, because Emily didn’t reveal to Mrs. Fields the conditions of her situation. The secret is kind of tame for now, but who knows how much it will blow up in Emily’s face in the future.

Not only will Emily probably be able to stay with her friends with this window of opportunity, but she can also “start” something with Samara, who is a highly more interesting prospect for Emily’s affections than Paige ever was.

Spencer – Now let’s discuss the mess Spencer has gotten herself in. After telling Jason DiLaurentis that Ian “confessed” to Allison’s death, our resident overachiever managed to put herself on the tortured brother’s list of suspects. It was pretty idiotic for Spencer to make such a claim to Jason without having any concrete evidence to back it up. Now Jason knows that Spencer is hiding something and it wouldn’t be surprising if he will become the Liars’ latest stalker for most of this season. Hell, how do we know that he wasn’t the one who was in Spencer’s house that night? Think about it…

Random Thoughts:

– Last week’s scene bothered me a bit, because I personally would have NEVER left my laptop alone while someone else was showing off my house. Especially with all the evidence on it concerning the mysterious death of a friend. You would think the Liars would be up on their ‘A’ Game, but no…

Pretty Little Liars Season Two: The Goodby Look– It’s one thing to be dating the town’s black sheep, but it’s another when people are looking at you as if you were a tamed version of Mickey and Mallory Knox. However, Spencer and Toby is the only couple I give two shakes about on this show and I’m cheering them on to a hopefully happy ending.

– Jason seems to be the perfect suspect at the moment in the “Who is A?” debacle. For one, Ian recognized the person who pushed him and I’m pretty sure that he’s either hiding Ian or burying Ian. I’m leaning (in hope) towards the latter, but I bet the former will end up being the correct answer.

– Oh, and I’m still retching over the Mona and Noel pairing.

So that’s my analysis for this week. Sorry that it is late. Sorry that it is late. Blame my internet service provider for the delay — this article would have been here faster if it wasn’t for my lagging connection.

What are your thoughts so far this season?


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