Pretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” Recap

Pretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” Recap

Pretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” RecapI would like to destroy who ever pulled the hit and run tonight on Pretty Little Liars, because not only is the life of my favorite character in limbo, but I will have to wait to this winter to find out who the culprit was. Other than that, more secrets were revealed and shameful acts pulled, but the most horrendous thing that happened was the torture of seeing Mona’s name all over the place. I’m sick of her. Anyone else feel the same? Anyway…

Pretty Little Liars Know How to Walk Into The Web of Danger and Get Eaten Alive in the Process

The girls start off talking about the return of Ian, Melissa’s ex (and the first guy of Melissa’s that Spencer fell for). Mona then shows up to invite the girls to her birthday bash, which she has dubbed Camp Mona and will feature “glamping”, which is glamorous camping. Not long after they receive the invite, they get a text from “A” saying that she/he will be in attendance as well. Of course you will, “A.”

The next day, the girls hear that the cops found some new info on Alison’s murder case and are not surprised when all four of them are called to the office. When they get to there, the girls expect Det. Wilden to come traipsing in, smug arrogance and all, but they are stunned when they get something worse: The FBI. UH OH! As the FBI agents make their presence known, the girls are introduced to the tape that ‘A’ sent to the cops, which shows Alison talking to someone and wearing a brown sweater that didn’t belong to her, later telling the mystery person that she has to get back to the girls before they wake up. Emily notices that the location is the Kissing Rock, Hanna notices that Alison is wearing the clothes she disappeared in, and Spencer deduces that the guy in question is the older guy Alison kept hidden from them.

After this, ‘A’ ramps up the tricks and the bomb dropping secrets as she/he starts going for the jugular with the girls. Aria receivesPretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” Recap a book in her locker with a note to read a poem by Ezra called B-26. Emily’s mother is sent a copy of the photo booth pictures of Emily and Maya kissing, which she hides while Emily talks to Mr. Fields, who has just returned home from Iraq/Afghanistan. Hanna gets humiliated at school due to Mona, who receives a text about Hanna using liposuction to lose her weight, while Mona starved herself to get her own figure. After Mona spreads the rumor, she disinvites Hanna to the glamping party and cuts Hanna off like a disenfranchised loser. Mona? Cry me a river, because Hanna made your simpleton ass and can break you just as easily. Surprisingly, Spencer is the only one who comes out unscathed. Don’t know what to think about that… A news report reveals that the mystery sweater belonged to Toby and that there is a manhunt and warrant for his arrest for Alison’s murder.

While arriving to ‘Camp (ugh) Mona’, Aria and Spencer have to suffer the birthday girl’s welcome, while Emily is busy being cornered by Toby, who tries to explain what really went down with Alison. It turns out that Jenna didn’t take Toby’s breakup with her nicely, because she was (and still is) in love with him and threatened to scream rape if Toby didn’t submit to her advances. Alison was the one who helped Toby get way from all that. He also reveals that Alison still had on his sweater when she left with some guy outside Spencer’s barn the night she disappeared, which was when he last saw her. Emily begs Toby to tell this to the police, but the damage is already done in Toby’s eyes. He plans to leave town that night, but asks Emily to meet him before he leaves and not tell the others anything if she wants to learn more.

Pretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” RecapBut Emily tells the other girls this info anyway, which Spencer doesn’t believe and feels that the cops should know. Hanna calls to tell the girls that she will watch them from afar with binoculars to see if she can spot out ‘A’. The girls then receives a text from ‘A’, instructing the girls to return to the place where they found Alison’s bracelet. Spencer is the only one who goes, due to Emily and Aria being subjected to the hell that is a ‘blow bar’. Spencer shows them what she found at the location, which was a friendship bracelet for Jenna and a note saying that the girls are cold on their search for ‘A’. Meanwhile, Toby is picked up by the cops as he waits for his ride. Someone snitched…

Later, Spencer breaks ‘A’s code and takes Emily with her to the “Wright” place, which is an old playground, where they find a tree that has ‘Alison loves Ian’ carved into it.


Meanwhile, Hanna continues her surveillance on the girls, but accidently spots Aria meeting up with Ezra and making out with him. While this happens, someone sneaks up to the car and writes “I See You” using the fog on the windshields. As the culprit does this, Hanna catches a glimpse of who they are and texts the girls to meet in the parking lot. As she runs to meet them, someone in a car speeds up and hits Hanna dead on!!!!!!! The girls run to help their fallen friend and as they hover over her and scream for help, ‘A’ sends the last text of the year that simply says, “She knew too much.”

Wget to see the full video and who Alison was talking to when she made the tape. The cameraman? Ian. Son of a….

Mothers of Pretty Little Liars Know That When Times Get Tough, “Drastic” is the Name of the Game…

Ashley Marin tries her hardest to keep a roof over her and Hanna’s head, but wants Hanna to still be a social queen atPretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” Recap school. As Hanna tries to explain to Moana (that’s what she will be known as from now on) the situation she and Ashley are in, Ashley interjects and gives Hanna her last $100 dollar bill to go have fun. Hanna doesn’t want to take it, but does so to please her mother.

Later at her bank office, Ashley tries to refinance her house, but is declined by the mortgage place. As if her day can’t get any worse, Ashley has to face an annual client who deposits bag loads of money into the bank. The client accidently leaves her keys to her bank deposit box behind and Ashley gets twitchy. Oh no…

As Ashley drives home that night, she stops at a red light. Byron approaches asking for a ride home, but Ashley remarks that she isn’t going home and drives off. When she gets further down the street, we see that Ashley stole the money the client left behind. So does that mean that Ashley is actually Sydney Andrews hiding out in the Witness Protection Program in Rosewood, PA?!? Learn your Melrose Place history, people.

Pretty Little Liars Know That Sibling Rivalry is Sooooo 1990s

Pretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” RecapMelissa starts being sociable to Spencer, which even creeps me out a bit. She politely asks Spencer why didn’t she tell her that Ian is town. Spencer cites their gag order to not speak to each other as the reason, but Melissa continues making small talk how Ian asked her out and she turned him down. After Spencer awkwardly tries to apologize for the Wren Debacle, she flashes back to when Alison caught her during her first make out session with Ian. Alison declares that Spencer is a skank for even wanting to get involved with Ian, but Alison is the last person to judge right?

Later, Ian stops by the Hastings residence to try and talk with Melissa, but she doesn’t want to be bothered with him and leaves the room. Spencer runs after her and begs Melissa to give the guy a second chance. Spencer also tells Melissa that she is tired of fighting and is only looking out for her older sister’s best interests. Spencer turns around and then tells the girls what happened with Wren and Ian and why she kept it from them due to Alison’s comments. When Melissa returns, the girls have a long overdue bonding session and patch over their differences in small words. Awwww…

Pretty Little Liars Must Learn To Forgive and Forget On Her Own Terms and Her Own Time…

Byron asks Aria if she is still having dinner with Ella and if him coming unannounced will ruffle Ella’s feathers. Aria tells him that he will have to talk to her himself, which she encourages him to do so, because she thinks Ella has had enough space by moving out. Later at school, Aria flirts and shares a kiss with Noel, which Ezra sees and shoots daggers their way. After Noel leaves, Aria tries to explain herself, which Ezra simply says isn’t necessary.

After reading Ezra’s poem that was left in her locker by ‘A’, Aria confronts Ezra on the flip flop nature of his feeling pertaining toPretty Little Liars 1.10 “Keep Your Friends Close” Recap her. Ezra claims he never intended for Aria to read the poem, but it spoke volumes to Aria that Ezra really loves her despite him saying the contrary. Noel walks in on this and gives Ezra a glare before leaving.

Later, Aria meets with Ella and after they catch up on life, Aria asks her mother if she is mad that Aria kept Byron’s secret, which Ella answers no, though she wished Aria had of told her. Aria laments that she think she made a mistake by doing so, which Ella disagrees, but tells her daughter “no more secrets.” Uh, huh.

During the whole Camp ‘Moana’ mess, Ezra texts Aria to meet him. When they finally meet up, Ezra spills his guts about everything and asks for Aria’s forgiveness, which she denies, but for only like a nanosecond. When will these people learn?!??

So that’s that, people! The first half of the epic Pretty Little Liars, which will return to our screens this winter. If you hear someone jumping from a 12 story window, that would be me lunging myself because of the epic wait in front of us until we get some ANSWERS!!!!!!

Who hit Hanna?!?!?Who is ‘A’?!?! Will Mrs. Fields confront Emily about Maya??!?? Will Ashley get caught?!?! Will Moana disappear like Alison (Please?)!??! So many questions, so much time. I smell a review of the first half of the season coming along…

See you guys soon!

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