Five Reason Why We’re Against a The Jetsons Reboot

Five Reason Why We’re Against a The Jetsons Reboot

It seems safe to say that we’ve moved past the idea of a Jetson’s reboot. You might ask why since it was a popular cartoon back in the day. But let’s examine those bygone days of cartoon lore. The Jetson’s were created and released in the early 1960’s, and the world they lived in was set 100 years into the future. So far there are no such things as flying cars, robot maids that think on their own, or really much of anything that made the Jetson’s such a special show. And those things we do have make the show seem a little irrelevant.

Also let’s think about this, the Jetson’s are essentially a science fiction cartoon. If you mosey on over to the Disney channel, or wait for Disney XD, you’ll find enough science fiction to last you a lifetime. So cynical as it sound we really don’t need the Jetson’s.

That not enough? Well here are five more reasons why we shouldn’t need a Jetson’s reboot.

5. They had their time.

The Jetson’s and their rerun lasted for a good long while, but it’s time to put them to bed and let them be. Continuing to prolong a series that has been gone for some time isn’t nostalgia, it’s an obsession that needs to be let go.

4. The show needs updates, and to update it you’d have to alter it too much.

If this show really goes ahead with a reboot it’s going to need so many updates that it might as well not even be the same show. What worked in the 1960’s isn’t going to work for a 2010’s crowd of children. They already expect more and won’t typically be satisfied with anything less. Plus a reboot could potentially anger fans of the old show.

3. We have Disney and Disney XD.

Shows like Star Wars: Rebels and Miles from Tomorrowland kind of have the science fiction market cornered at the moment. Right now the Jetson’s just couldn’t hope to make it for more than a season before getting buried.

2. The show can’t compete with the current programming.

The plot and the premise would need some serious reconditioning since the goal of most kids’ shows today is to teach them something valuable, not just offer a sitcom-styled cartoon with no intrinsic value to it. Without the capacity to teach kids anything or help them with life lessons the show would essentially be another mindless cartoon to fill a time slot.

1. There’s no telling what another hundred years would bring.

Imagination could take care of this issue but the likelihood that it would be anything new is slim. The entire show would have to taken down to its most basic elements and then pieced back together in a way that made sense but still kept the general feel of the original. To do that you’d have to keep too much of it, and thus you’d be right back at the same problem.

The Jetson’s had a good run while it lasted, but it’s time to put them, along with all the other 60’s cartoons, back to bed where they belong.


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