Why “My Life as a Teenage Robot” is Due for a Reboot

Why “My Life as a Teenage Robot” is Due for a Reboot

Why “My Life as a Teenage Robot” is Due for a Reboot

It’s slightly odd that My Life as a Teenage Robot didn’t keep on going since it earned positive reviews and was even given a TV movie of its very own. But despite the reason, whatever it might be, there seems to be an interest among the fans to bring this delightful and quirky Nickelodeon show back to the main roster to give it another go and see if it can win over fans the way it did the first time. The story is about, you guessed it, a robot that is given the rough appearance and mannerisms of a teenager by her ‘mother’ that in truth built XJ-9 to protect the earth. Why she was created as a teenager is a question best posed to the series’ creator, though in truth it makes the main character seem quite endearing and puts a positive spin on the idea of an AI watching over the earth and doing what she can to keep everyone safe.

XJ-9, or Jenny, tries to live the life of a teenager as much as she can.

The whole idea of this is that while she is the protector of the earth she is also possessed of the mannerisms and thought processes of a regular teenager, and even attends high school. She has friends that she’s close to and rivals that she contends with throughout the series, but more often than not she’s pulled away to save the earth from alien invasions by the Cluster Empire, who are continually attempting to recruit her to their side in an effort to hold her in high esteem among their people. Jenny however just wants to live a life that’s fairly simple and can be enjoyed rather than being forced to save the earth time and time again. While she’s very good at it, the idea of her being a teenager and having to save the earth on a continual basis is something you could see the average teenager rolling their eyes at eventually.

It wouldn’t have to be a hard reboot it seems like.

Really, looking at the animation and the story line it almost seems as though this series could be continued rather than remade or rebooted, as it follows along with the current level of animation that Nickelodeon still employs. The saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ certainly applies here since there’s really nothing that absolutely NEEDS to be done in order to bring the show back. It could be left as it is and just allowed to run as normal with some new plot twists and perhaps a few more enemies for Jenny to fight against of course. It would need new material and perhaps a gradual maturation of Jenny as she and her classmates continue to move their way through the perilous and often uncertain trials of high school. Now there would be a serious and very difficult plot twist for the show.

This show might have been just a tad bit ahead of it’s time, but now it would fit into society perfectly.

Take a look at how society is viewing AI and robots these days and then think about how perfect it would be to see this show come back. It would put a kinder face on the whole idea of utilizing robots in our everyday lives, and could entertain children in a way that many cartoons about robots might lack. It’s not a replacement or even an open challenge to any other show, it’s just another alternative for kids to watch that might be pleasing to some and even hilarious to others. Jenny is almost like a robotic Power Puff girl in a way if you think about it since her capabilities seem limitless and she’s constantly on the go and needs to be reigned in by her ‘mother’ just as the girls are by the professor, sometimes. The timing for this show to come back couldn’t be more perfect really and if there is an idea to bring it back then it needs to hit the drawing board now so that the writers can get to brainstorming.

It might seem a tad silly but being a Nickelodeon show that’s par for the course since most of those shows are a bit goofy and are meant to be since they’re geared for kids. Don’t let anyone try to fool you either, adults get into these cartoons just as much and tend to pick them out for their kids based on what they like and what they approve of. This show would no doubt be a hands down winner with many people since it doesn’t seem too challenging, isn’t so far out there that it might be deemed as inappropriate, and is really just about a teenage robot that wants to have fun and live a quasi-normal life.

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