10 Predictions We’re Making About Manifest Season 2

For a long time fans were unsure whether a second season of Manifest would ever be ordered. The first season saw a lot of twists and turns in the plot that saw the show being compared quite heavily to Lost. Some people felt that the plot became too difficult to follow and this made them stop watching. However, overall ratings were fairly consistent and this was enough for the network to make the decision to renew. Now that we know we are getting a second season, here are some things that we can expect to see.

1. The Stone Family Will Figure Out A Way To Save Themselves

In the season one finale Olive Stone worked out that Ben, Cal and Michaela might only have five and a half years left to live. This obviously came as a big shock to the family as it affects all passengers on the plane, as well as any other time travelers. However, fans are fairly confident that they will be able to figure out a way to save themselves, and the others as well.

2. Not Everyone Will Take The News About Their Pending Demise In The Same Way

Show runner Jeff Rake has indicated that season two will see factions rise between the passengers as they process the news that they may have less than five years to live. Business Times suggests that this could be a key theme in the second season. They will also all be trying to find out if there is any way they can change their fate.

3. We Find Out What Makes Cal So Special

All of the passengers have experienced the voices in their heads but Cal seems to have more abilities than everyone else. It is not just the fact that he can hear voices, he also seems to be able to predict the future. He also develops a psychic link to Marko Valeriev. If these additional abilities occured as a result of his experience on flight 828 then they could develop even further in season two.

4. Danny Will Be Revealed As The Father Of Grace’s Baby

The fan theory that Grace is pregnant was confirmed in the season one finale. It is widely suspected that Danny is the father rather than Ben. Ben has only been back for six weeks and it seems as if Grace is further along in her pregnancy than this. The love triangle between the three has been going on for the entire first season and so it would be good to see the situation resolved one way or another. Fan forums are full of theories about what is going on with Grace’s pregnancy.

5. Nobody Will Be Killed By The Gunshot

Jeff Rake has indicated that the gun that went off at the end of season one would have hit either Jarod or Zeke, although it would have not necessarily killed them. There is a lot that can happen with the development of both characters, particularly in relation to their relationship with Michaela. However, if it were Zeke that was shot and he does die then this throws the theory about the countdown to death into question as he would be expected to live for at least another year.

6. We Could Find Out What Happened To The Pilot

The whereabouts of the pilot and Fiona are currently unknown and season two could reveal what actually happened to them after they took another flight to try and travel into the future again. We were led to believe that that the were shot down by a fighter plane but fans never really believed this as the wreckage of the plane was ever found. This has been the discussion of much discussion on Reddit. If they really did survive being shot down then they could actually be in 2024.

7. We Might Find Out About Other Time Travelers

The only reason everyone knows about the passengers on flight 828 is because the case was so high profile. They have gained something of a celebrity status and this has made people look into all the details of the case. However, there could be other people who have experienced the same thing that no one knows about yet. If they only traveled forward in days rather than years they may have found someway to hide what actually happened to them from their loved ones. This is something that has been hinted at by Jeff Rake.

8. Other Passengers From The Flight Might Be Introduced

The focus on season one was very much on the Stone family and only a few other passengers. However, there were many more passengers on the flight and season two could see some of them being introduced. This would inevitably bring more comparisons with Lost, as more passengers were also discovered in their second season. The show is likely to have to introduce new characters at some point to keep things fresh and in some ways it would make sense if these characters were also passengers on flight 828.

9. Ben And Saanvi Could Get Together

Although they haven’t had a great deal of romantic interaction in season one, fans would love to see Ben and Saanvi get together. This would require Ben sorting his relationship with Grace out once and for all, but this may come to a head anyway if the baby does turn out to be Danny’s. Screen Rant have the development of the relationship between the two as something they definitely want to see in season two.  The pair have become good friends in the show and fans would like ‘Benvi’ to take this one step further.

10. Some Of The Questions Will Actually Be Answered

One of the main gripes that fans had with the first season is that none of the major questions were answered before new questions began to be asked. Fans are hoping that at least some of these questions will be resolved by the time that season two reaches a conclusion. The writers obviously have a plan of how they want the story to progress and it has been suggested that the show might like to carry on until 2024, the point at which the passengers are cursed to die. However, there is a chance that fans will turn off if their questions are not answered and so there is a fine balance that the writers have to strike.

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