Prediction: Avatar 2 Breaks Every Box Office Record Ever

Avatar 2

I’m going to go ahead and agree with Ryan Scott of MovieWeb and state that predicting that Avatar 2 will top its predecessor AND Avengers: Endgame is bound to be a tall order that will be insanely difficult to pull off. Thinking that a sequel will surpass its original isn’t always a safe bet, though it has been done obviously. Whether or not the second Avatar movie will be up to the challenge though is tough to say, and despite Stephen Lang’s confidence it’s likely that we’ll see the movie eking forward towards that line rather than leaping over it with one long bound. The return to Pandora has been anticipated since James Cameron made it clear that he wanted to do several sequels, and coming in December of 2021 we’ll get to see just how serious he is about that since the second movie still has a ways to wait until it can come out and amaze the crowds. There are actually three more sequels planned after this coming movie, but if we learned anything from Terminator we’ll already have a good idea of what can happen when a story is continually hammered down our throats by a director that has a point to make. Cameron is definitely a great director and storyteller, but at this point Avatar was ended on a good note that makes a person wonder just what’s going to happen in the sequel that will make it worth it, and what more will happen now that Jake Sully is one of the Na’vi.

The word has been for a while that Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang, will be making his way back into the story, though it’s not yet for certain just how this could happen since he took a couple of javelin-sized arrows through the torso, easily enough to kill a hefty bodybuilder, and definitely enough for an aging Marine, no matter how tough he was. But it does sound as though he’s coming back, so maybe Pandora wasn’t done with him just yet. Apart from that there’s really no details on the coming movie to say what it will be about and what the struggle will be this time. Pandora is more or less safe from the depredations of the human race at this point, but to think that they won’t come back with greater force is to be admittedly ignorant of the tenacity of human beings, especially in the movies. It’s kind of interesting to think that the clans might be at each others throats after a while since the need to unify and stand together is gone at this point and it might go back to business as usual, which could be the clans fighting against each other or trying to hold an unsteady truce that might not work at all times.

If the sequel does end up surpassing the original it’s a hope that it might be a contender for the Oscars this time since the fact that Avatar lost out to The Hurt Locker when it came time for awards was kind of huge snub given that despite The Hurt Locker being a decent movie, it wasn’t nearly as epic or as groundbreaking as Avatar given the story lines and the acting that was performed. Hugh Hart of Wired covered this subject with a little more depth. If there was ever a time that the Academy Awards were thought to be a massive joke without a decent punchline it was during awards season when this movie was expected to clean up. In any case, the sequel has a long way to go to get by the mark that was set by the first movie, and to top Endgame it’s really going to have to turn up the heat since despite the fact that Endgame didn’t bury Avatar’s record, it was certainly a decisive victory that allowed the MCU to pull ahead. It’s easy to see how some people are divided on whether or not this will happen since the mark is so ridiculously high. Avatar 2 has to hit close to, if not over, $3 billion dollars to even claim the record once again, since anything too close to Marvel’s current record is going to be looked at as just squeaking by and will likely be less than respected.

Like a lot of people I’m sitting here wondering just what the next story could entail since there was so much wrapped up but so much that could still come along since the story hasn’t ended yet. In fact it’s just begun since Jake is now among the people. There’s a rumor that Sigourney Weaver will even make an appearance, but it’s surely as a cameo or a flashback since her character perished as well in the first movie, and death is something that should hopefully stick in a world like Pandora. We’ll just have to wait and see though.

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