Powerpuff Girls Live-Action TV Show is Coming to The CW

There are probably a lot of people wondering if the effort of turning the Powerpuff Girls into a live-action show is going to be worth it, or if it’s even going to work, but the CW apparently has faith in the script that’s being pushed since they’re going forward with it. One big issue is how this is going to translate since this will affect how people look at the show and whether or not they’ll continue to follow the story or simply say ‘no’ and find something else to watch. The kind of faith that the CW is putting in this idea isn’t entirely unfounded since it’s easy enough to think that fans might be very accepting to start with when it comes to seeing three of their favorite heroes making their way to reality in a way, but there’s still the question of whether or not the girls will be able to keep the attention of the people in the same manner once they’re living, breathing, live characters. The whole idea of creating a story that will take place several years after the girls have grown and are now questioning their place as heroes isn’t really unique, but it’s something that will test the story and the fans alike since the story will have to adapt in a very big way, and the fans will have to choose to go along with it or stick to the animated version.

Creating live-action figures from comics and cartoons isn’t a new process but it’s definitely something that has to be done with care since the transition can be a little rough. We’ve already seen this with several superheroes from Superman to the MCU since not everything comes through as people are expecting and there are definitely changes here and there that have more to do with the director’s vision than the source material. With that in mind, it’s easy to think that what a lot of us are thinking might happen might not occur when speaking of Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom. Thinking of these girls in their 20s with slightly different attitudes and a possible desire to reclaim a childhood that was mostly spent fighting crime and protecting their city is something that’s a little frightening since three super-powered young women that just want to have fun and not fulfill their purpose any longer is actually kind of easy to see, but it’s just as easy to see the consequences. This could be why having superpowers and being expected to do something with them isn’t such a great thing after all, but some might still beg to differ.

When thinking about the girls, their powers, and their city, it’s also important to think about their enemies and how their battles are going to take place since in the animated series it’s very easy to depict the destruction that takes place and to pit them against their enemies and defy certain laws of reality, but in live-action, the expectations are bound to be much higher and the fans are bound to expect a great deal of realism to go along with the fantasy. There’s no doubt that those in charge are taking this into account, but it’s going to be interesting to see what comes out when the show finally releases. As of now there’s no set date for production to get started and there isn’t even a consideration for who’s going to star in the show, but those details will no doubt come in time. Right now it’s simply amazing enough that the show is going to be adapted into a live-action project since this appears to be the way that a lot of ideas are going these days as more and more shows from the last few decades are being looked at and pondered over when it comes to thinking that they might be worth revisiting. It’s enough to make a person wonder just what else is going to be adapted in the years to come since at this point it feels as though the past few decades are being pored over for every possible scrap of entertainment that can be found. So far it would appear that what has been decided upon is appealing enough to the fans, but one has to wonder what might happen if more and more of the Cartoon Network’s roster, past and present, is pored over and given the same treatment.

There are some shows that probably wouldn’t be considered unless there was a serious need for further programming, but at this juncture, it’s easy enough to think that some of those in charge have at least wondered what might happen if they were to think about adapting one or more shows to live-action. After all, if the Powerpuff Girls are being brought to live-action there’s no telling what other titles people might want to see.

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