Check out This Complex Rube Goldberg Machine That Serves Cake

This machine built by Joseph seems to love complexity as this machine that serves cake is quite inventive really but reliant on way too many variables that seem capable of being altered in very simple ways. But really the successful run-through seems like a marvel to behold since it does tend to be kind of impressive. But one thing that needs to be asked is how many takes were required to get this final shot. Some of it seems pretty straightforward and not as prone to error so long as the settings are right and the necessary surfaces are kept at just the right angles and aren’t allowed to be altered in any way.

That seems like it would take the fun out of things though if you really factored in everything that could go wrong and fixed it up with something simple and more reliable. The idea here seems to be making something that takes the longest route possible and expends the most energy one can think of in order to do one of the simplest tasks. Doesn’t sound too hard right? Well honestly knowing just where to place everything and how it needs to be set in relation to the next piece in the well-engineered puzzle is actually pretty important since if one part is just a little bit off the mark then the whole thing might not work. Plus a few test runs have to be seen as necessary in order to make sure that the weights, the length of the ropes, and everything else that could affect the action of every part isn’t affected. To make this really work you’d have to check every piece of the puzzle at least a few times if not more each time you go through trying to figure out if it’s going to work the way you want.

Of course this guy could just be that good but it’s not entirely likely since even the best engineers in the world have to check their work now and again if not often and all the time. This would be fun to see in action in real life but probably not as fun to put together. It almost seems like it would be deconstructing a magic trick even though you can see how each piece works in accordance with the one before it throughout the clip. The magic that is there is still something that gets dimmed just a bit when you’re the one putting it together. But then again those people that do manage to create such stunning effects manage to love what they do and keep on doing it simply because they want to make it bigger, better, and perhaps even more complicated. You kind of have to wonder if the cake being served would need a certain density or if it would work with anything.

Perhaps frozen of refrigerated cakes work best, since doing this with a warm pie or piece of cake seems like it would be just a mess waiting to happen.

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