Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season Finale Top 7 Important Events That Took Place

Raising Kanan episode 9 was quite eventful. Fortunately, Lou Lou survived Unique’s attack and woke up from his coma in the hospital. Raq had Kanan take out what she feels is one of the biggest threats to their family; Detective Howard who is also his biological father. On Sunday night the first season of Power Book III: Raising Kanan ended with a bang; literally. Trust no one. If it’s one thing that Raq has drilled into Kanan’s head all season long is to be careful who you trust. As it turns out, Kanan just may not be able to trust anyone, not even his own mother. As Raq’s big plan starts to unfold, chaos erupts everywhere and the Jamaica city town is lit with police officers ready to take any and everyone down. Here are the 7 most important events of this episode:

1. Kanan didn’t finish the job

“One shot where his heart beats and two where he used to think,” that’s how Raq told Kanan to kill Detective Howard.   Kanan didn’t follow Raq’s instructions all the way through, he heard a noise nearby, got scared away and he didn’t shoot Detective Howard in the head. A dope fiend spotted the back of Kanan who was wearing a jacket with Unique’s name spelled in bold letters on the back. Kanan quickly ran away and tossed his gun in a creek. Taking a life is never easy, especially when you are a fifteen-year-old boy. Perhaps Raq knew that there was a chance that Kanan wouldn’t go all the way through with killing the cop after all he was inexperienced and he was a kid. Kanan had to be the one to pull the trigger because Detective Howard would never snitch on his own son, or would he? This can also work out in Detective Howard’s best interest. If he happens to survive he could demand that Kanan give him some of his bone marrow since he has Leukemia.

2. Scrappy and Kanan make amends

It turns out that Scrappy is Kanan’s getaway plan. He picks Kanan up a few blocks from the scene of the shooting. During the car scene, Kanan almost opens up to Scrappy about who it was that he shot, but Scrappy tells Kanan that he doesn’t want to know and to keep it himself. As he drops Kanan off to his mom, Kanan thanks him and apologizes for questioning him. In turn, Scrappy tells Kanan that he is a “real soldier”.

3. Lou Lou wants out

Jessica brings Famous to the hospital to visit Lou Lou when they spot the paramedics rushing Detective Howard into the emergency room. When Jessica tells Lou Lou that she saw him being rushed into the emergency room with a gunshot wound, it doesn’t take Lou Lou long to connect the dots. He signs leaves the hospital although he is still severely ill and has Jessica bring him to see Raq. Lou Lou knows that Raq is behind the shooting of Detective Howard and he thinks that she is completely out of mind. “I’m winning, that’s what I’m doing, ” Raq tells Lou Lou. Lou Lou berates her for sending her only son to do a hit on a police officer and he no longer wants to be a part of this. He tells Raq that he wants out but she lets him know that there is no way out. Lou Lou tries to reason with her and even tells her that the record label could be their way out of the game forever. But Raq lets him know that the record label is already dirty because it’s operated with their drug money. We finally get to see just how cold-hearted Raq can be and her determination to do whatever needs to be done no matter how extreme it is.

4. Marvin gets arrested

As if things can’t get any worse, Marvin gets arrested on his way back to the meetup. He gets stopped at a roadblock and when the cops run his name they discover that he has an active drug warrant. They draw their guns out on him, arrest him and book him at the precinct.

5. Raq has Symphony pick Kanan up

Since Marvin is a no-show, Raq has Symphony her boyfriend pick Kanan up. We don’t know exactly how much Symphony knows as Raq does her best to keep her far away from her business and rightly so.  Symphony picks Kanan up at the bodega where Kanan is hiding out with Jukebox who brought him a pair of clean clothes to change into. Raq is going to have Symphony take Kanan to Maryland to lay low.

6. Unique gets arrested

Just as Raq planned, Unique gets arrested for shooting Detective Howard. The bloody jacket that Kanan was wearing when he shot him is found in Unique’s possession along with drugs. When Wordell came back and told Unique that the streets were talking that his name was thrown around, Unique had a feeling that it was all part of Raq’s get back.

7. Detective Howard wakes up in the hospital

At the end of the episode, Detective Howard finally wakes up and his partner Detective Burke is right there by his bedside. She’s eager to catch whoever did this to her partner and she demands that he gives her a name. We are left with so many pressing questions at the end of the season finale. Will Detective Howard give up his only son who is the only person that can possibly save his life? Or will he give them Unique’s name and let him go down for the attempted murder?

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