Most Popular Category Emmy Winner Predictions

Most Popular Category Emmy Winner Predictions

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages for any show this year for the Emmy’s is that Game of Thrones is not eligible. The show missed the cutoff point by a good month and so will not be eligible for this season. That’s fortunate for just about every show since GoT has been a formidable presence as of late. Don’t get used to it folks, GoT should be in the running again eventually and unless something truly groundbreaking comes along we could be in for a very wintry night once again this year or the next.

That being said, there are a few favorites that people seem to think will be selected to win the Emmy this year, and seeing as how the Emmy’s are not always chock-filled with surprises as the Academy Awards are, you could be looking for at least a few on the list below to actually win.

Here are the favorite picks thus far:

Drama Series-The Crown

This is the show that people are expecting to win largely because it is the only one out in front at the moment. However until the final tallies are in shows such as Stranger Things and This Is Us could quite easily catch up.

 Comedy Series-Veep

Veep has a good deal of momentum and a basis in the current political drama that our nation is currently undergoing, so there’s not a lot of stopping power afforded to the other shows in this category. It’s natural to want something new and original to win, but so far Veep is the one show that seems to be gaining steam.

Limited Series-Big Little Lies

The presentation of well-defined roles and a plot that’s been highly entertaining has helped this show to dominate in the ratings and has left it poised for a serious run towards the winner’s circle. If it doesn’t cross the finish line there will be a huge number of fans standing in shocked silence.

Television Movie-Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Technically it’s not a movie but an episode, but when compared to Black Mirror, the only other real front-runner that’s even close to matching it, Sherlock at least has the advantage that it’s actually shown on TV, not on a different platform such as Netflix.

Variety Talk Series-The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Is it really any wonder why this show is so heavily nominated? Colbert’s show has been handing Fallon’s ratings a decisive beating as of late and isn’t poised to stop any time soon. Whether or not anyone can unseat him is going to have to stay in question for another year.

There are a lot of other nominees and categories to pick from but these seem to be the most rock solid and the least likely to change. As it was already pointed out in a few of them there is a very strong race between two or more shows in a few categories, but this close to the Emmy’s the edge has already been tested and the victor has been decided.



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