Pokemon’s New Mythical Monster Zeraora Revealed and Will be in the Movie

Pokemon’s New Mythical Monster Zeraora Revealed and Will be in the Movie

Pokemon’s New Mythical Monster Zeraora Revealed and Will be in the Movie

If you’re truly looking to catch them all, better start looking for the latest Pokémon to be created. The Thunderclap Pokémon has arrived, and its name is Zeraora. It is a mythical Pokémon made especially for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The revelation of this Pokémon also comes with a movie feature, as Zeraora will be starring in the film Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story. It’s also likely that the Pokémon will eventually be available in-game, but this is currently unclear. The gaming community has known about Zeraora for a while now, actually, because the Pokemon’s data has been included with the Ultra releases for a while now. The introduction of Zeraora came because of the upcoming movie.

This bipedal electric-type Pokémon creates powerful magnetic fields by emitting strong electrical currents from its paw pads. Zeraora does not have any organs that create electricity from within like what most Eletric types do. On the contrary, this Pokémon feeds from all the electricity in its immediate surroundings. Zeraora gathers it all and then stores whatever electricity he accumulates for use in the future.

Because of the magnetic fields it creates, Zeraora can levitate and travels as such. If it isn’t levitating, Zeraora is running at lightning speeds, which makes sense given its powers. As a matter of fact, Zeraora is so fast that anytime it’s running by, you might hear a “thunderclap”–a probably nod to the sound Zeraora creates as it passes by (think of a sonic boom).

According to the Japanese TV show Oha Suta, the passive ability of Zeraora will include the ability to heal 25% of maximum health everytime it is hit with an Eletric ability. This ability is Volt Absorb, and it will also not allow any effects to go through. At this point, there are no details available as to how one can obtain Zeraora. Previous Mythical Pokémon have been available only through special events, and we might have a clue of how Zeraora can be obtained through the movie.

The upcoming Pokémon movie will be released widely in Japan on July 13. It’s an easy market for the franchise, especially when compared to the West. It’s unlikely that the movie will be getting a wide release in the West, so we’ll all have to feed our Pokémon frenzy in other ways. The Pokémon movie trailer has been released, and it can be seen online. You can see Ash Ketchum with some new Pokémon trainers at an annual festival. We’re promised sights of the Legendary Pokémon Lugia, and of course, we’ll catch sights of the newest Pokémon from the Alola region–Zeraora. This might be the special event when trainers can obtain Zeraora, if it is. We’re speculating at this point, but we can’t help it. It’ll be interesting to see if the Lugia’s return will mean that it will have to battle the Zeraora somehow. If only we can get a U.S. release date for the movie, we might be able to get by just wondering.

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