Piccolo is Just as Ruthless as a Hero

credit: Dragon Ball Z

Piccolo is just as ruthless as a hero as he was when he was a villain. There aren’t a lot of characters in fiction that anyone can say this about. There are always gray areas that exist and allow debate to blossom. But one thing that many Dragon Ball fans are clear about is the fact that Piccolo is even more dangerous as a hero. 

The character entered Dragon Ball as Demon King Piccolo, as many fans should remember. Strangely, this character wasn’t nearly as bad as the hero since Demon King Piccolo caused destruction and death. But the hero Piccolo created worldwide genocide, literally. 

Fans hopefully recall that the hero, who was the reincarnated version of the Demon King, made a very controversial decision. Considering that Goku and Vegeta were dead at the time, and Gohan was gone, his decision was kind of insane. Majin Buu, a powerful entity that was extremely tough to stop, came calling when Trunks and Goten were the only ones left to defend the world. 

What Piccolo suggested to Majin Buu, however, was beyond anything he’d ever done. He suggested that Majin Buu kill everyone in the world and then come back to fight Trunks and Goten. Yes, that’s really what he did. 

credit: Dragon Ball Z

As a hero, Piccolo is not a balanced individual 

He’s proven more than once that he’s not the kind of character that’s going to pal around with everyone. Piccolo is one of those characters that is simply too much for anyone since he’s all about his solitude and his skills. Of course, he is kind of cocky when he’s fighting. But otherwise, he’s usually a stern and unyielding force. 

Throughout much of the Dragon Ball Z era, he’s seen as a hero, and rightfully so. But among the other heroes, he’s still seen as someone that is best to leave alone at times. These types of heroes are usually those that don’t mix well with a group or are simply used to their solitude. 

Piccolo kind of feels like someone that’s more or less better off on his own. When he’s needed, though, it’s seen that he has no trouble with helping others out, but with that said, he doesn’t always make the best decisions. 

One has to remember that he was evil at one time

Piccolo’s first incarnation in Dragon Ball showed that he was not a nice person. The next incarnation attempted to go evil and take after his first form but changed his mind. It’s funny to think that Piccolo did a lot of damage the first time around, but that this paled in comparison to what he’s done as a hero. 

There are those who would argue that he miscalculated or didn’t take into account what would happen with Majin Buu. But the fact is that he said what he said and ended up causing an extinction-level event. It’s kind of hard to deny what was written and put into Dragon Ball history. 

A retcon might rectify the matter, but it’s kind of unlikely for that to happen. 

credit: Dragon Ball Z

Piccolo is an intense hero

This guy just doesn’t let up when it comes to who he is and what he’s about. His training methods are brutal, his fighting methods are just as brutal, and he’s the type of guy that very few people want to face. But at the same time, he does have limits. 

His time as a part of the Dragon Ball Z story has shown that he’s a fierce combatant and yet he doesn’t always watch what he says. This was proven when it came to the issue with Majin Buu since mentioning that Buu should go on to kill everyone else before coming back was, well, worse than questionable. Just imagine telling a villain to go ahead and kill everyone in the world. 

It was a regrettable decision no doubt, since it left Piccolo looking a bit suspect. One can easily think that this was a part of the evil that might have remained in him that made such a thing possible. But otherwise, it was a serious error in judgment that had a disastrous outcome. 

Hey, Piccolo isn’t perfect

A lot of the characters in Dragon Ball Z are insanely OP and have existed this way for a while. But the interesting part is that each character has flaws. These flaws aren’t always easy to notice, but they are there. 

Piccolo is a strong, skilled, and stoic individual. But at the same time, his lack of social skills has made it clear that he’s not always going to say the right thing. In this case, it’s easy to see that he should have thought again before giving Majin Buu the idea to kill the world. 

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