How to Physically and Mentally Prepare for the This is Us Finale

Anyone who was fortunate and unfortunate enough to get sucked into and addicted to watching This is Us week after week have been through an emotional roller coaster the likes of which very few television shows in history have produced.  On the one hand we’re so grateful that a show could bring us life in a way that we all relate to.  We see ourselves and our own families in this show which is what makes it so amazing.  On the other hand, we’re put through the ringer every single week.  There’s not one show that doesn’t produce some sort of tear or emotion that makes us sad.

Whether it’s the recent death of William Hill, the heart attack Toby suffered, the anxiety attack that Randall had to endure, Kate’s struggle and guilt that her father’s death is her fault, Kevin’s New York dreams of acting and his true love, Jack’s drinking issues, Rebecca’s hidden lie, or Beth’s struggle to maintain balance in the family,  pick your poison and you’ll be in tears.  And tonight it all comes to a head as we’re most likely going to find out how Jack died and we’re going to be rolling on the ground sobbing.

So how do you prepare for this ocean of tears tonight?  I’ve put together a few tips so that you can maintain a little balance.

1. Meditate before the show – I’m dead serious. If you’re not in the kind of mental state you need to be your emotions are going to completely take over your mind, body, and soul.  Take five minutes and go into a dark room.  Just breathe.  Seriously.  Breathe.  Take deep breaths in and out and pay attention to nothing but the breath.  Believe me this will work and put you in a solid mental place.

2. Kleenex –  the one’s obvious but make sure you have an extra box lying around.

3.  Have something to squeeze or break handy –  Perhaps you have your favorite stress doll.  Maybe you’ve got a favorite pillow.  Is there anything in the house that’s breakable and you don’t care if it gets broken?  You might want to throw something against the wall so just make sure it’s something you don’t care about.

4.  Get up and take a walk – chances are that the majority of the episode is going to freak you out.  When it does, hit pause, get up, take a walk, and regroup.  You’ll get through this.

5.  At least it’s not you – hey, there’s always that right? Be grateful that whatever’s going on isn’t going on in your life at that very moment.

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