Phish To Release “Billy Breathes” On Vinyl For Record Store Day

Phish To Release “Billy Breathes” On Vinyl For Record Store Day

Phish To Release “Billy Breathes” On Vinyl For Record Store Day

In 1983, the American rock band Phish came together at the University of Vermont, located in Burlington, VT. Since that time, the group made a big impact on the nation establishing themselves as one of the top improvisation bands offering blended genres and extended jams. They amassed a base of dedicated fans. In a recent announcement, news that Phish will make a first time release of their studio album “Billy Breathes” on a vinyl LP.

A nostalgic return

“Billy Breathes” was the sixth studio album that the group made. It was released in 1996 on October 15th. The timing couldn’t be better with the issue coming out on Record Store Day which is Saturday, April 21st of this year. Fans of the band and of the era in music will be pleased to known that the release will be on a 2 LP vinyl set. It’s the fist time the album will make an appearance on vinyl and it will be the perfect addition for those who own vintage style replicas of the old record players from yesteryear.

Limited Edition

Fans who want to get their copy will need to act fast. The special limited edition will only be available at select independent record stores throughout the nation until the supplies are gone. What makes them so special and such a valuable collector’s piece is that each set is individually foil numbered, and only 7,500 have been made. A special bonus MP3 download is included in each set.

Songs You’ll hear

  • The “Billy Breathe’s LP set will include the songs:
  • Free,Character Zero, Waste, Taste
  • Cars Trucks Buses, Talk, Theme From The Bottom
  • Train Song, Bliss, Billy Breathes, Swept Away, Steep and Prince Caspian

Members of Phish

There are five band members in the group Phish. They are Mike Gordon, Trey Anastasio, Jeff Holdsworth, Marc Daubert and Page McConnell. They’re associated with Elektra Records, Cadence Music and JEMP Records labels releasing Rock, progressive rock, funk and jam band genres. The chemistry between these talented musician is as amazing as their delivery of the unique style that has made them American icons.

Revival of the nineties

Upon the 1996 release of “Billy Breathes,” five of the songs issued by the group became wildly popular. Fans will recognize “Free,” “Taste,” “Prince Caspian,” “Theme From The Bottom” and “Character Zero.” These cuts were immediate hits and they still remain popular today.

Prepare in advance

If this is good news to you, then it’s time to start checking into pre-release sales. With only 7,500 going into circulation, it’s believed that the small number of copies will go like hotcakes if they aren’t already spoken for. With the announcement for the April 21st sale, we’re estimating that record stores not offering pre-sales will have lines formed at the door on the opening morning. In all likelihood copies of the limited LP release will run out fast. This is a rare event and this year’s Record Store Day offers something unique and exciting for all fans of Phish. You’ll have to move quickly to get your collectible.


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