This Pennywise The Clown Halloween Animatronic Prop is Absolutely Terrifying

This Pennywise The Clown Halloween Animatronic Prop is Absolutely Terrifying

Can you say nightmare fuel? This animatronic Pennywise prop is horrifying in its detail and close attention to realism. The child with a missing arm and a scream etched permanently on his face is the stuff that parents might find most disturbing, but the ten-foot tall clown with pincers and claws coming out seemingly everywhere is just as horrifying since it’s no longer on a movie screen. There’s just something about clowns that disturbs many people but Pennywise is one of those that has pushed the envelope in a way that has made such a phobia absolutely debilitating in some cases.

Clowns have been seen as a rather big disturbance for a long time however despite the fact that many still find them endearing and quite jolly. The whole issue however is that a lot of folks might never know what kind of mind is resting just behind that greasepaint and in those baggy pants and over-sized shoes. A lot of people would argue that clowns are nothing to be scared of and that the movie IT ruined it for a lot of others. But honestly and truly clowns have been disturbing way before IT came out. They’ve been the stuff of horror movies before Stephen King’s classic tale was ever brought to the big screen. But now, oh yes, they are without a doubt some of the scariest individuals for some that have ever walked the earth.

But there are other reasons that people have had to be scared of clowns in recent years, as only two years before there was a clown scare that lasted for at last two to three months during which individuals wearing scary-looking clown outfits could be seen wandering around neighborhoods aimlessly. Some of them were carrying weapons, others would actually come up on people’s porches and scare the living daylights out of them. So if you weren’t scared of clowns at that point then you might have been afterward. Plus, one of the greatest shows on TV, American Horror Story, decided to run it’s most current season by installing a bunch of murdering clowns that were a big part of the story. While the season didn’t really go over as well as others it was still flat out creepy. At least Pennywise and his motivations are known to those that have read the story and watched the movie. His entire goal is to scare you so badly that you end tasting like a sweet treat when he’s ready to finally consume you.

That’s genuinely creepy, isn’t it? Something that wants to eat you needs you to essentially season yourself by stewing in your own fear juices before he decides to pluck you up and have his next meal. The fact that other clowns don’t do that doesn’t matter, it’s the simple idea that he’s dressed like a clown, he wants to kill you, and as far as anyone knows he can be killed, but it’s going to run the risk of being killed in the process. Like I said, nightmare fuel.

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