Parenthood Season 6 Episode 11 Review: “Let’s Go Home”

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 11 Review: “Let’s Go Home”

Parenthood 6.11

Everything was almost back to normal on Parenthood.  After last week’s emotionally charged episode, we needed a bit of a break.  The Bravermans all put Zeek’s health troubles aside for a moment while they figured out their own separate issues.

Sarah continued to mull over Hank’s proposal.  They’re not a stereotypical couple, and honestly, sometimes I fail to see the passion between them.  Not that I think they’re exactly settling for each other, but this does seem like an anticlimactic acceptance to a spur of the moment proposal.  Sarah isn’t entirely to blame, but her list of pros and cons about Hank definitely felt like an awkward way to make a decision that could impact the rest of her life.  It’s very rare that we ever see a Sarah/Julia scene so that sisterly bonding chat was a welcome sight.  However, Camille got right to the point when she asked Sarah, “Do you love him?  Does he make you happy?”  Just like that, Sarah and Hank were officially endgame.

More exciting was the Joel and Julia reunion.  With two kids who barely just accepted their parents’ divorce, they wanted to be sure that they are fully committed to getting back together before letting Sydney and Victor know.  Their public display of affection on the skating rink was all kinds of perfect.  I’m so glad we got to see the Grahams as one happy family before any more emotional trauma strikes.

Largely an otherwise optimistic episode, there was still the whole Luncheonette issue lingering between Crosby and Adam.  I’m aware that I’m probably in the minority here, but I just have to admit that Kristina has a tendency to get on my nerves most of the time.  This was no exception when she tried to convince Adam to leave Crosby hanging and walk away from their business together.  Ultimately Adam went with his instinct to stay in business with his little brother, and I couldn’t be happier!

The whole “finding a box of undeveloped film” plot felt like a schmaltzy ploy to keep us aware that the end is near.  It did work nicely though to utilize Max and get that great scene with Hank and Max.  Their conversations are always funny so this was no exception when they both agreed that Sarah talks “way too much and way too loud.”

Amber’s ready to pop any time now, as the preview for next week shows she finally goes into labor.  If the crib building this week is any indication, she won’t be in this alone.  It was very true to Seth’s character that he would send his daughter a crib rather than drive the few hours south to maybe visit and build it for her.  However, I do wish there was more time to resolve that relationship.  Here’s to hoping for a surprise John Corbett appearance in the next two episodes, as well as the much anticipated reunion of Amber and Ryan.  Speaking of Ryan, I don’t think he will be a completely changed man by the time the series ends.  If there are indeed flash forwards to everyone’s lives in a few years, I think that’s when we should expect to see a stable Ryan and Amber together again.

Last but not least, we have to discuss that Drew and Zeek apology scene.  Drew was beating himself up for possibly losing his grandfather after he felt he ruined Zeek’s surprise trip for Camille.  Instead of apologizing to Drew and realizing that there was no way he should have gone anywhere in his condition, Zeek just basically said that when the time comes, he won’t be holding grudges for anyone.  That’s not exactly the most comforting conversation to share with your sickly grandfather, but Drew handled it well.  For his sake, I’m glad he got that closure at least.

What did you think about this episode?

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