All You Need To Know About You Season 4

All You Need To Know About You Season 4
All You Need To Know About You Season 4

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Well, Hello, You! Are you also wondering about the most thrilling Netflix series? Don’t worry, because You have come to the right place. We found out about all the news related to the upcoming season 4 of You so that You don’t have to wait anymore.

The show has officially finished filming its new season, and we cannot wait to share all the details with you. So read on to find out all that is there to know so far!

1. You Season 4 Release Date

While the filming for You season 4 started in March and ended in August, there is no confirmation on the release date. There are speculations that the season might not release this year, and we will have to wait for it until 2023. Since the You season 3 also took almost six months for its promotion and post-production procedures, we might also see a similar time frame adopted for season 4. If this turns out to be accurate, we will probably have to wait until February 2023 to binge-watch season 4.

2. The Cast Of You Season 4

Marianne Bellamy will be seen playing the role of Tati Gabrielle, and of course, the star or the villain of our favorite show, Joe Goldberg, will be brought to life by Penn Badgley. Kate will be played by Charlotte Ritchie. Charlotte’s Best friend Phoebe will be brought to life by Tilly Keeper. While Amy Leigh Hickman will be Nadia and Ed Speleers will be seen as Rhys.

Other cast members include:

  • Ozioma When
  • Eve Austin
  • Stephen Hagan
  • Brad Alexander
  • Nancy Lin
  • Aidan Cheng
  • Alison Pargeter
  • Adam James
  • Ben Wiggins
  • Dario Coates
  • Sean Pertwee

3. The Plot Of Season 4

When we last met Joe, things were quite messy for him. He had killed the supposed love of his life, his wife, Love Quinn. Joe faked his death in the fire he set in his lovely home. Then, he left his adorable baby at the doorstep of his friends and took off on his mission to find his new love lady Tati Gabrielle.

In his pursuit to find Tati, he went to Paris. Joe also changed his name to “Nick.” However, Joe will not stay for long in Paris and fly to London. As suggested by the production pictures, Joe will even make new friends. Since we are well familiar with Joe’s nature, we can predict that at least one of his new friends will have to be sacrificed for Joe’s thirst for love.

Penn Badgley hinted at the fate of his character. He said that Joe would try to change, but he would fail. We do not know if he manages to locate Tati in Paris, but he was sure at season 3 end that he would find her, no matter what he had to do. Joe’s obsessions do make him do wild things. We can only wait to see what he does next!

All You Need To Know About You Season 4

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The Big question is if Joe will return to meet his son Henry in season 4. This would be a big reunion, and it cannot be predicted. However, there is a chance that Joe will find a way to meet his son. It broke our hearts when he had to leave the tiny one with his friends. So, All fingers crossed for this one!

What we do know for sure is that Joe will have a new arch-enemy in town. Adam, a wealthy ex-pat American, will be played by Lukas Gage. Adam’s character will appear funny and charming, but he has many secrets hidden beneath his blankets. One of which is how badly he treats his girlfriend. Joe’s favorite situation to mingle in, without a doubt.

Kate has remained alive this far, as confirmed by the production photos. We cannot say it will say the same with Joe on the hunt for her. Who knows, She might be long dead by the time we read this!

All You Need To Know About You Season 4

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4. You Season 4 Genre

When the show was first released in 2018, It had the genre of a Psychological thriller. But Penn Badgley has hinted towards a genre shift for season 4. He said that the new season would have a different feeling. While the tone remains similar, the season’s format will be different. Penn also suggested a slight change in the genre.

All You Need To Know About You Season 4

Credit @You

Will Joe change his ways, Or will Kate meet a similar fate as all his previous lovers? While kate is well aware of Joe’s intentions, we cannot wait to see how things work out for these two.


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