What Happens At The End of You Season 3?

What Happens At The End of You Season 3?

Unfortunately, for Joe and Love, it wasn’t happily ever after. Not even the birth of their beautiful boy could bring joy and light to their marriage. If you think that Joe and Quinn did a lot of damage in San Diego on Season 2 of You, they wreaked havoc on Madre Linda the small suburban town they have relocated too in Season 3. In the past two Seasons it may have seemed as if Love was running the show. But in the final episode of Season 3, Joe shows that his obsessive and violent habits  is constant and always win at the end because that is his true nature.

What Happens At The End of You Season 3?

The tension in Love and Joe’s marriage comes at a bead in the final few episodes of Season 3. The couple is at their wits end and they both feel that they are better off with the other dead. Joe finally decides to leave Love and start over with Marianne and go with her to France. However, before he makes that move he has to tie up loose ends which includes killing off the prisoners in their basement and telling Love that he wants a divorce. When he breaks the news to Love that he wants a divorce, he grabs a knife fearing her retaliation. But guess what? Love is two steps ahead. She discovered  Joe’s bloody shirt and realized that he was willing to kill the prisoners in the basement for Marianne. Love had Covered the knife in aconite; the same poisonous substance she used to kill her previous husband  leaving Joe paralyzed on the floor.

Love invites Marianne over to their home under the guise that they are going to discuss the affair so that she can kill her as well. Yet when Marianne comes over she realizes that she is a super sweet girl and that Joe is really the problem. Love admonishes Marianne to take baby Henry and get as far away from Joe as possible. When Love returns to finish off Joe, she finds that he is no longer paralyzed by the poison. Joe admits that he knew it was a possibility that Love would use aconite so he took the antidote. Both Love and Joe are so cunning and manipulative that they outsmart each other. Joe ends up poisoning Love with the aconite and sets the house on fire to make her death look like a suicide. He plants her DNA on all of the murders they have been involved in throughout the season to exonerate himself of the crimes.

What Happens To Baby Henry?

It’s clear that Joe doesn’t want to be a father especially to Baby Henry who he still feels doesn’t like him. For a minute, it’s a possibility that Joe will leave the baby in the house to die with Love but he takes the baby and drops him off at Dante’s house before fleeing to Paris to search for Marianne. Does he plan on coming back to resume his daddy duties? Joe Goldberg is an unpredictable character so who knows but as a person who knows how it feels to be abandoned by a parent hopefully Joe will make the right decision.

Why Does Joe Go Back To Killing?

For a minute some of us actually believe that Joe may be a changed man. After all, for most of the season, he’s disgusted by her lack of self-control and is constantly reprimanding her for the murders she’s responsible for.  For the most part, Joe resorting back to his old patterns has a lot to do with the issues he has and the trauma he’s suffered. In Season 2, we find out that Joe shit his mother’s abusive boyfriend. In Season 3, we learn more about Joe’s story through a series of flashbacks. After the murder of his mom’s ex-boyfriend, Joe gets attached to Nurse Fiona who also happens to be a survivor of abuse. At one point, Joe gets the opportunity to kill Fiona’s abuser but he takes the high road which he ends up regretting after Nurse Fiona is eventually killed by her abuser. This incident motivates Joe to find his mother. Sadly, when he does he finds out that she started a new family and wants nothing to do with him. Joe believes that he is a shining knight in armor because of his mommy issues. He’s obsessed with chasing after broken and damaged women who he feels need to be saved by him. The life he’s created with Love doesn’t feed that obsession. Instead it makes him feel suffocated and miserable.

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