You Season 3: Who Is Love Quinn?

You Season 3: Who Is Love Quinn?

You Season 3: Who Is Love Quinn?

Don’t let the sandy blonde hair and the beautiful green eyes fool you. Love Quinn looks like your typical sweet next-door neighbor. In fact, her stature and demeanor are far from menacing but that’s what makes her so dangerous. Love portrayed by Victoria Pedritte is Joe Goldberg’s match made in heaven or shall we say hell. We meet this antagonist in Season 2 when a heartbroken Joe decides to move to San Diego attempts to escape his murderous past in New York. The two meet in Anvril, a high-end grocery store owned by Love’s parents where she works as a chef and a produce manager. Love seems like a normal sweet girl who likes to bake delicious goods and is supported by her wealthy family. Love is used to a more affluent circle. Lucy Sprecher is one of Love’s good friends who is a literary agent, Sunrise Darshan is a blogger, and her friend Gabe Miranda is an acupuncturist. Unlike her friends, Love isn’t interested in the modern vices of this world such as social media and the internet. Unlike Joe’s previous love interest in Season 1, the show writers take time to really develop Love’s storyline by exploring her complicated past. She’s a fiercely independent woman who’s rather focused on her personal life than anything else.


What initially draws Love to Joe is the fact that she senses that he’s grieving a loss. Love is also grieving a tremendous loss; the love of her life. Love married a deaf man named Kennedy in 2016, but when he found out he had cancer he pushed Love away because he wanted better for her. Shortly thereafter, the couple divorced. Kennedy died a year later and Love has been saddled with grief ever since.


Despite having experienced tremendous loss, Love positions herself as a compassionate woman that enjoys baking treats for people. She seems to be very outgoing and adventurous. This persona is what draws Joe to her and makes him fall head over heels.  But it’s all a facade. As the series progresses we learn that Love isn’t necessarily who she portrays herself to be. She’s a chameleon that’s willing to become what Joe desires and what he needs. Love Quinn is possessive, manipulative, delusional and she’s willing to do the most to get Joe.  Love was extremely calculated about several of the events that transpired between her and Joe. Their initial meeting at Anvril was planned. She used her analytical skills to figure out small things about Joe like what he liked for dinner. Joe and Love’s relationship was always up and down. She often manipulated events to ensure that Joe came back to her. Even Joe was surprised at how strategic Love was when she concocted a  plan for Ellie to take the fall for the murders and use her family connections to make sure she was exonerated for the crimes.


Just like Joe, she’s a co-dependent that tends to focus on caring for other people especially her twin brother Fofty Quinn who she also works with. Fofty has a drug problem and for years, Love has protected him and helped him clean up his messes. Perhaps her need to take care of her brother stemmed from the fact that they didn’t exactly have the best parents in the world. Love describes her parents as being too self-absorbed which is why they didn’t notice that the nanny they hired sexually abused Fofty. This led to Love murdering the nanny and covering up the act by framing her brother. The Quinns made the nanny’s death look like a suicide to protect their son. Love’s inner “momma bear” doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the people she loves. As Love and Joe’s relationship progresses she becomes overprotective of him. For instance, in Season 2 Love kills Candance when she reveals Joe’s identity to her and tries to persuade her to call the police. This is the first time that we really get to see with our eyes how far Love is willing to go for love. Love needs her brother and Joe to need her.

Love Is The Mirror Image of Joe

Joe’s “picture perfect” view of Love shatters when she admits to falling in love with him after stalking him. She also reveals that she’s responsible for the murders of Candance, Beck and Henderson. Love claims that she committed these heinous crimes to protect Joe.  She believes that this was an act of love. At this moment, we realize that Love is the mirror image of Joe. Both characters are delusional, manipulative, and have a very unhealthy view of love. Behind their seemingly charming and kind personalities are unstable psychopaths who have found a way to justify their gruesome acts.

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