Notable and Upcoming Alexi Hawley Series

Notable and Upcoming Alexi Hawley Series
Nathan FIllion The Rookie

Credit: The Rookie/Entertainment One

Alexi Hawley may not be a familiar name to most. Still, the creator has been credited for the popular series The Rookie, its new spinoff, The Rookie: Feds, and an upcoming Netflix series, The Recruit. The Rookie started in 2018 and may have taken a while to have its spinoff with a new cast. Still, a new series from the same creator launching not long after shows the creator’s dedication to exciting television related to factions of the police and other government organizations. Below, we’ve detailed the notable and upcoming series from Alexi Hawley, The Rookie, its spinoff, and The Recruit, as well as more information about the series and their creator, Alexi Hawley.

Nathan Fillion Alex HAwley series The Rookie

Credit: The Rookie/Entertainment One

The Rookie

While Alexi Hawley gained fame for creating The Rookie, his first notable role in television and film was with a screenplay writing credit for The Exorcist: The Beginning. Beyond the film, The Exorcist: The Beginning and television with The Rookie, Alexi Hawley was an executive producer on the Nathon Fillion-led Castle before it. The Rookie is a police procedural drama that stars Nathan Fillion as the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department and is based on the real-life events of a 40-year-old man with the same fate, William Norcross. So far, the Alexi Hawley series, The Rookie, has premiered four seasons, with the fifth season currently on air. The first season premiered in 2018, about two years after Castle ended its eighth season. Although some actors signed for a ninth season, it never came to be. While The Rookie aired its fifth season in September 2022 and will likely continue for a sixth season, the series also aired a two-episode back door pilot for a spinoff that aired this year as well, The Rookie: Feds, with some characters that were introduced in The Rookie.

Niecy Nash The Rookie Feds

Credit: The Rookie: Feds/Entertainment One

The Rookie: Feds

While The Rookie: Feds only started in September 2022, it was already interesting straight out of the gate with its exciting cast and two-episode backdoor pilot within The Rookie that got fans hooked immediately. The main cast of The Rookie: Feds includes Niecy Nash-Betts, Frankie Faison, James Lesure, Britt Robertson, Felix Solis, and Kevin Zegers, with Michelle Nunez, Courtney Ford, and Jessica Betts as the reoccurring cast, with additional casting for guest and other characters for the Alexi Hawley series. Much like The Rookie, The Rookie: Feds follows Niecy Nash’s character, the oldest rookie to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy, as she traverses the new job while dealing with the denial from her former FBI and current Black Lives Matter leader father. Like the lead in The Rookie was Nathan Fillion, with various entertainment appearances, Niecy Nash has appeared in many television series and movies. Her first most notable roles, at least that have held her unique blend of comedic drama, included Reno 911! and its films and spinoffs, Amerian Dad, Screen Queens, The Mindy Project, and many others since 1995, but most recently, Dahmer on Netflix and The Masked Singer as host while Nick Cannon recovered from COVID. The Rookie: Feds has already set their sights high with a second season with the cliffhanger given so far.

Alexi Hawley series The Recruit

Credit: The Recruit/Netflix

Alexi Hawley’s Newest Series, The Recruit

The Recruit, the newest series from Alexi Hawley, and the first to find an immediate home on Netflix, has yet to premiere. Still, with a December release date of the 16th, the series looks like the most action-packed and funniest series from Alexi Hawley yet. The newest upcoming series from Alexi Hawley may not have premiered yet. Still, the series has already shown the comedic take that will be applied to the situations of the main character, Owen Hendricks. The series follows Owen Hendricks as he takes on a new job as a lawyer for the CIA. Immediately upon starting his job to negotiate with assets threatening the organization, he fell into a chain of events that he could never have predicted. The series will premiere eight episodes when it hits the streaming platform Netflix. They will feature Noah Centineo in the lead role as the new CIA lawyer wrapped up more than he anticipated on the job, especially on the first day. Noah Centineo could be most recognized from his earlier work with The Fosters, his first lead television role, other Netflix projects that gained him more recognition with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and its sequels, and most recently, Centineo portrayed a DC Comics character in Black Adam as Atom Smasher. Other actors that make up the rest of the cast for the upcoming Alexi Hawley series The Recruit include Aarti Mann, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Kristian Brunn, Laura Haddock, Colton Dunn, Fivel Stewart, and Daniel Quincy Annoh as the main cast.Nathon Fillion-led Castle

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