Out of Death: What is Up With Bruce Willis Movies Lately?

The title is kind of awkward, the performance feels like something that Willis is phoning in, and a lot of people are in agreement that Bruce Willis is no longer really trying, he’s just trying to earn a paycheck. Such an opinion might sound a little harsh but a lot of people are waiting for another Die Hard moment that would catapult Willis back into the good graces of the audience considering that he’s been absent for so long from the A-list where he resided for many years. The straight to video stuff he’s been doing for a while now has been enough to confuse a lot of people since there’s no telling why in the world he’s stuck with these types of movies for so long when it’s likely that someone would pick him up for another big-time movie if he was really willing to look. But at the moment, Out of Death and many other titles have been cluttering up his IMDb page, and it sounds like has nine more on the way. That’s right, another nine movies that will likely give away the plot, the action, the possibly tease the ending when all is said and done.

It could be argued that he’s simply trying to stay busy and that he’s waiting until that one big moment comes along that will elevate him back to the spot where everyone wants to see him, but it’s also likely that Bruce is getting tired and he’s getting old and he doesn’t have that kind of action movie in him any longer. People need to remember that the greats that we grew up with are starting to get pretty old at this point as a lot of them are in their 50s or 60s, or possibly even their 70s as with Harrison Ford. Taking on the big action movies is a young person’s game and it’s about time that a lot of actors start thinking about passing the torch as they give their blessing to the coming generations.

Some actors have already done this in their own way and have continued to act with the understanding that even if they do keep on taking action roles that they aren’t going to be the same as those that made them famous. From Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Bruce Willis and many others, the action genre has seen a lot of big stars start to age out of certain roles and while it’s likely that some actors will continue to take on one movie after another, it’s still evident that they’re having to give way every so often to allow the big-name stars that are coming up to have their day. With Bruce Willis though, the move to on-demand videos is something that a lot of people can’t fully understand since he should be able to take on pretty much any project he wants, especially given that he has the reputation and the clout to make it happen. But for one reason or another, he keeps starring in one clunker after another in the same way that Nicolas Cage has done over the years. It’s his choice obviously, but it’s just a strange turn of events that has a lot of people wondering if he’ll ever come back to the blockbuster movies that he used to be known for.

It’s a big hope that he will at some point since the movies that Willis used to put out were some of the best in the business. However, if we’re all being honest, his star was starting to dim a while back when the Die Hard franchise kept moving forward with one horrible movie after another. A lot of people feel that the second movie should have been the end of it, while some might be gracious and state that the third movie should have been it. Personally, the first movie probably should have ended it since it established Bruce as an action star and it ended on a happy note, kind of, which would have been a great way to go out. But of course that’s not how things go in show business since if money can be made with one movie then there’s reason to believe that money can be made with another, and another, and another.

The downside of this is that after so many sequels and so many less than stellar movies it almost feels as though Bruce has kind of hit a wall and has nowhere else to go. If he does have anything left that’s worth an A-list movie then he must be keeping it in reserve since as of now it doesn’t look as though he’s doing nearly as much as he used to for a role. Time will tell if Bruce manages to make a comeback, but as of now, it doesn’t feel likely.

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