Our Thoughts on This Whole Justin Bieber Challenging Tom Cruise to a Fight Thing

Our Thoughts on This Whole Justin Bieber Challenging Tom Cruise to a Fight Thing

When  celebrities need to do something to increase their popularity it certainly seems that some of them are willing to go for the gusto and propose events that make little to no sense, or are at the very least shocking enough to get the public’s attention. Whether it’s a prank that’s already run its course or something real, Justin Bieber’s challenge to Tom Cruise for an MMA-style fight seems to be a brief moment in history when many people are willing to stand up and pay attention. It’s part shock, part interest, and definitely a lot of amusement that has made this into something more than just a Twitter ramble, though perhaps Bieber doesn’t really know what he’s in for, or what he’s trying to make happen. Some folks think this might all be gag, and it certainly seems to have the necessary elements of one since the ludicrous nature of such a challenge seems to indicate that Bieber might be trying to drum up a bit more support for a career that, like it or not, has been pretty lackluster in the recent past.

Lisa Respers France of CNN Entertainment is just as confused as a lot of people as to why the 25-year old singer would want to take on the 56-year old actor, but given the response so far perhaps confusion is the least of anyone’s worries since Connor McGregor, who has been a UFC fighter, seemed primed and ready to make the match happen. But really, why? McGregor has even called Cruise out in reaction to this, wondering if he has what it takes to get in the ring with Bieber, who seems to think that working out and being in good shape makes a person a good fighter. What Bieber fails to realize at this point, as some have already commented on, is that without his bodyguards in place to break things up and have his back, he might have to do his own fighting on this one. Yeah, that’s right, I said it, Bieber might have more luck with someone like Danielle Brigoli, the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl from Dr. Phil, at least in the opinion of a lot of people. To think that Cruise would even bother to take this seriously is hard to fathom since being called out by someone that’s less than half your age seems more than juvenile, it seems like a trip back to the schoolyard.

The tweet from Bieber, despite having a pretty noticeable grammar error, is kind of funny since it seems like something that Bieber might have written while drunk and feeling invincible, though the fact that it’s been up this long seems to suggest that he’s at least ready to try and back it up. There are times in life when a person needs to mind the words they say and remember that just being in good shape doesn’t mean you can fight. What Bieber seems to fail to realize is that the MMA isn’t a BOXING match, but is instead an octagon in which one’s opponent can take them to the ground, tweak every joint in your body, grab onto a limb and start bending it in a direction it wasn’t meant to go until someone taps or starts crying for their mother, and so on and so forth.

Even comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel decided to get in on the act and propose a few theories as to why Bieber would do something so ‘un-beliebable’ as challenge a man that’s not known for being a fighter but might still fold him up like a pretzel, that is until it was time to make Trump jokes, which seems to dominate a good amount of his time. I will agree with Kimmel on this point though, I do believe, as many might as well, that if it’s not a stunt or a joke (fingers crossed) Justin Bieber had a few too many bottles of Smirnoff Ice and decided he was feeling good about the Toronto Raptors and, well, his fingers started writing a check that his ego believed his body could cash. Right now it doesn’t seem as though Tom Cruise has any intention or even interest in fighting the Bieber. But whether or not Biebs will come to his senses and realize that he’s being kind of a nut, or if he finally tries to play it off like a giant gag, it would seem that people are already willing to pay to see this. Hands up if you’re one of them (hand raised) simply because we want to see Bieber get some reality knocked back into him for a change. It’s not mean, it’s not petty, it’s simply the desire to see a celebrity that seems to thrive on controversy being brought back to earth for once. Now that’s something you can ‘belieb’ in.

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