Our Book of Boba Fett TV Show Wish List

Our Book of Boba Fett TV Show Wish List

Hopefully, plenty of people have seen the post-credit scene that followed The Mandalorian finale, otherwise, there is at least one spoiler coming since Fennec Shand and Boba Fett appear to have performed a hostile takeover of Jabba the Hutt’s old palace. The only beings to leave alive were the Twi’lek dancer, which is a nice throwback to Return of the Jedi, and anyone that could scurry out of the way in time since Fennec and Boba weren’t mincing words with anyone, not even Bib Fortuna, who obviously took over in Jabba’s stead. Something indicates that he was a less than worthy replacement though and that Boba and Fennec mean to run their own small empire from this point on, which will be interesting since to be fair, Boba Fett’s been labeled a bad guy, but usually because he would take contracts from the Empire and would hunt down pretty much anyone. If the truth is known, the only reason he’s bad at all is that he has serious hate for the Jedi, for obvious reasons, and he’s not about to stick his neck out for anyone unless there’s a good reason. Now that he and Din Djarin are evened up, it’s going to be interesting to see how the Book of Boba Fett will play out.

Here are a few things we’d like to see though.

5. Din Djarin needs to show up at least once or twice.

Considering that Boba was being theorized to show up in the first season and the fact that he did in the second, it would feel that Din and Boba are linked a bit, and if anyone has read the EU then they’ll know that Fett is eventually tied to Mandalore despite his reluctance. Plus, to see him square off with Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves again would be kind of cool. But it does feel as though there can be at least some understanding between Din and Boba considering everything they’ve been through. It almost feels like it should happen on basic principle thanks to The Mandalorian.

4. Perhaps some mention of Black Sun could be worked in.

As one of the most vicious crime syndicates in the galaxy, it feels pretty natural that Boba would have a connection within the network that he could use to his advantage, especially if he’s going to be taking over Jabba’s palace. It’s hard to see him staying still long enough to really set up residency of any sort, but given the fact that he’s getting older, it might be in the cards. But keeping tabs on people using a criminal network and finding a way to use it to his advantage would be kind of cool since it would indicate that Fett is never really out of the game.

3. Fett needs to encounter other Mandalorians.

Even if none of the material from the EU is used, the fact is that Bo-Katan, who is looking to regain leadership of the Mandalorians, might find an issue with Boba down the road again, and it might be that Din Djarin will have something to do with it, especially seeing that the darksaber is now in his possession. But Fett encountering other Mandalorians just makes sense if others have turned to bounty hunting since it does feel as though he might resent the competition, or might want to find a way to make use of this. Plus, Fett is one of the most famous characters in Star Wars and is renowned as one of the toughest to ever wear the armor, so of course, the Mandalorians should be interested in him.

2. Seeing Fett return to Kamino could be epic.

The chance to go back to where he was created would be kind of an interesting trip, but it would also require a pretty convincing story to make happen since otherwise it doesn’t feel as though Fett would be making a social call to the cloners simply out of nostalgia or to experience a type of homecoming. It does feel as though it might be an interesting direction to go in though since it’s possible that Fett would eventually find a good enough reason to make his way back to this world if he could find it.

1. Boba Fett encountering the First Order would be great.

It’s not certain just how he would interact with the First Order, or if Moff Gideon would have anything to do with this encounter since despite being captured by the end of the finale, Gideon doesn’t feel like the kind of guy that will remain imprisoned for long. If he is tossed away and forgotten then so be it, but it does feel as though Fett should at least have a run-in with the First Order. It could be an interesting encounter, to say the least.

Fett’s motives are usually known only to him, and for good reason.

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