Olivia Munn to Host Critics’ Choice Awards

If you have watched enough award shows on television, then you are keenly cognizant of the fact that the wrong host can completely destroy audience and viewer engagement – causing ratings and reviews to suck. When you have a good host, they will be able to keep the energy up and the flow consistent throughout the show. Awards shows have a lot of people, with different personalities and agendas coming on to the stage for brief encounters, and your host is the person responsible for keeping the balance on the flow. Well, the Critics’ Choice Awards has announced that Olivia Munn will be hosting this year’s ceremony – the 23rd.

While Munn was credited as Lisa (her first name) Munn early in her career, she decided that she would go with Olivia (her middle name), and that who most people recognize her as. Munn has enjoyed a successful career in the world of media, starting her career as a television journalist before deciding to pursue a career in acting and modeling. The 37-year-old actress and model started her career in the early 2000s, but she did not experience her true breakthrough until 2010 where she earned roles in Date Night and Iron Man.

The Critics’ Choice Awards show is set to air on the CW network on January 11. It will take place at the Barker Hanger, which is Santa Monica, CA. The Critics’ Choice Awards is an event that has been in operation for over 23 years and it is operated by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association and the Broadcast Film Critics Association. The show aired last year on A&E, but it will be making the jump to the CW for this year’s ceremony, so obviously, the production will likely be different.

It is not clear why the show’s producers chose to move away from T.J. Miller, who has hosted the show for the last two years. It could be because of a scheduling conflict with Miller or maybe they were looking for a new face. If it is a new face they are looking for, they chose a very beautiful one. While Munn definitely has the ability to deliver one-liners that will keep the audience laughing, her writers will have to be strong enough to provide her with the type of content that will be easy for her to deliver. Laughter is the great equalizer, which is why many awards show tend to go with hosts that have strong comedic backgrounds.

The pure comedian will have the ability to adlib and take advantage of unpredictable moments. It is not clear if this is a strong suit of Olivia Munn or not. This we do know. Munn is a consummate professional. She shows up and she puts in work on the set. The chance is that she will be prepared to make the event an enjoyable one.

Munn will be presiding over a show that will include a tribute to Gal Gadot, who will receive the #SeeHer award, which celebrates women who embody the idea of changing common stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This should definitely be a good show. The Shape of Water leads all award nominations with a total of 14 nods.

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