Old Man is Completely Shocked To Find Out He’s 98 Years Old

Old Man is Completely Shocked To Find Out He’s 98 Years Old

I’m not sure how an old man with this many mental faculties still intact could possibly forget that he’s 98 years old, but I suppose anything could happen really. It could be that he sounds like he’s on top of it as far as his mental capabilities go, but some things could be slipping. It’s hard to imagine that a person wouldn’t realize just how old they are, but perhaps he hasn’t been keeping count for a while. Of course he knows what year he was born in so how in the world does he not know? Some folks don’t really count the years I guess.

For being 98 years old though this guy seems to be pretty well in control of himself and despite being old he doesn’t seem like he’s ailing or even infirm. I’ve met 60 and 70-year old folks that have been less energetic than he seems. Age affects everyone differently however and that’s never more apparent than when people start aging and allow themselves to go further and further downhill. It’s said you only start to age when you let yourself get old, or something like that. In my opinion you start to age when you stop having fun with life. Whether it’s your spouse, your kids, or just your own zest for life, enjoying a life spent with laughter, good company, and the kind of spirit that allows you to look at every day as though there might be something worth doing then you don’t get old so quick.

Obviously things happen that affect people and cause their bodies to give up a little bit, but the spirit of a person is what remains untouchable so long as they manage to keep it up and continue to look forward. Those that stagger and allow themselves to be broken down are often those that age the quickest and lose the most in the least amount of time. Again I get it, the body of any given individual might break down unexpectedly and that can’t be avoided, but breaking the spirit of a person is even worse. I’ve seen people afflicted with cancer, missing limbs, and down and out in ways that I won’t describe, but their spirit was never broken. They were still able to wake up with a smile and a ‘thank you’ on their lips for another day. This old man seems more than willing to get up each day, mutter a few expletives when it suits him, and go on thinking he’s still 79. Well, maybe not now.

Still, it doesn’t seem to put him out too much to think that he’s going to be 100 years old next year. There seems to have been more and more people making it to this age and to be quite honest it’s still impressive. In a century worth of life a person can see great changes and I can only imagine what his man has seen in his many years. I really hope he’s around for a bit longer, he seems like a very cool gentleman.

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