No Chance We See an Aaron Gordon and Zach Levine 2016 Dunk Contest

No Chance We See an Aaron Gordon and Zach Levine 2016 Dunk Contest

We’re 100% sure we won’t be technically seeing an Aaron Gordon and Zach Levine dunk contest this year.   While Gordon should be the odds on favorite to win it this year, Lavine tore his ACL in February.  Even still, Lavine wouldn’t have participated anyway.  Levine took the title in 2016 but going against Aaron Gordon wasn’t easy.  People say that when Aaron Gordon looked as if he were sitting down and dunking the basketball last year, that that was the best dunk of the contest. Though it’s hard to argue against Levine’s rim rocking free throw line jam.

The title could have easily gone either way last year but I think one thing is for certain.  We’re just not going to see what we saw last year.  If I’m ranking the top three dunk contests of ALL-Time I have to put last year’s in the top three.  I’d also throw in 2001 Vince Carter, the ’87 Jordan and Dominique contest, the contest where Nate Robinson dunked over Dwight Howard, and of course when Spud Webb won the title.

To be honest I’m not very bullish about tonight but I’m pretty sure whatever Aaron Gordon does should be amazing.  It just won’t be nearly as good without Levine.

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